10 Ways Smart People Can Get Rich

8 April 2016

Here are 10 ways science make you rich and famous…

Billionaires around the world mostly come from business or entertainment background. Most scientists have unique passion in pursuing their theories rather than just making money. This is why people don’t really know how science make you rich.

Science is not a popular field because of its tendency of making people bored. Only a few of them really pursue their passion in science.

As how it was said in meme, “I don’t always pursue career in science. But when I do, I make buck load of money.” Science can be a good source of money when you do it right.

We put together 10 things you can do within your science field of study to earn some money. These are how science make you rich. Through these, you are potentially becoming one of the billionaires.

10. Publish your groundbreaking idea

Can Science Make You Rich? | Be Rich with Science
Publish Scientific Paper | source: publish.csiro.au

This is the first and fundamental way of being successful in science field. It is the foremost purpose of science study itself: producing new groundbreaking ideas. You may not think your idea is groundbreaking. But how could you find out before letting others know?

If you have an idea, even if it is disproving any existing theory, write a paper about it. Then, publish it. Publishing a research paper is an important activity within the academic community. It is your way to be heard and to be discovered.

You can start submitting your paper to your professor or someone you know that is eligible to review and give you feedback prior to publishing.

Stephen Hawking was first discovered after publishing his first paper, “Occurrence of singularities in open universes” in 1965. Although the paper itself is not as popular as others, this was a huge milestone of Hawking’s groundbreaking idea.

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