10 Ways Smart People Can Get Rich

8 April 2016

9. Experiment on other groundbreaking theory

Can Science Make You Rich? | Be Rich with Science
Experiment on Groundbreaking Theories | source: wikipedia.org

What if you cannot come up with a new groundbreaking idea? What should you do to let science make you rich? Help prove others’ theories.

Eddington (Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington) is more known for his work in proving Einstein’s theory of general relativity than his own philosophy in science. He conducted an expedition to observe Solar eclipse in 1919 to confirm Einstein’s theory.

This was a very important phase of the General Relativity. Eddington did not come up with the idea, but he helped proving it despite the conflicts and controversies he had to encounter.

There are thousands of academic papers published out there. The fact that they are approved doesn’t mean that they have been proven. Find any theory in your field and get the gears going.

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