So You Think You Know Carlos Slim Helu?

1 March 2017

You may know Carlos Slim Helu as the richest man in Mexico. But do you know all other facts about him?

If you ask any Mexican, they would probably say that this man is more popular than any Mexican presidents or celebrities. Carlos Slim Helu is so much more than just a billionaire.

Born on January 28th, 1940, Carlos Slim Helu is now a world-renowned businessman. His business ventures range from telecommunication to tobacco. Scratch that, he owns pretty much all kinds of business.

Being a billionaire, let alone the richest in his country, Carlos had to go through many criticisms and controversies. However, his success story is inspiring and can be taken as a valuable guide to those who seek the same kind of fortune.

We picked out fifteen facts you should know about the Mexican mogul and put them right here on this article. So, as you go through each page, you’ll get to know more and more about Carlos Slim Helu. Happy reading!

15. Born and raised as a businessman

15 Things You Didn't Know about Carlos Slim Helu | #15. Born and raised as a businessman
15 Things You Didn’t Know about Carlos Slim Helu | #15. Born and raised as a businessman | source: businessinsider.com

Before we get to where he is today, let’s take a look back to his childhood.

Carlos was born in Mexico, but both of his parents were Lebanese descent. His father had his own company which Carlos spent working at during his teenage years. Since Carlos’ early age, the old man taught him everything he needed to know about business. And the most important lesson he carries to this day is the importance of keeping financial records.

When Carlos was just eleven years old, he made his first investment in a form of government savings bond. A year later, he made his first stock purchase. And even before he was legally allowed to drink, he already became a shareholder in largest bank of Mexico.

As you can see, Carlos’ father didn’t just influence his business life, but basically created its foundation. His deep understanding of how the business world works from such a young age does pay off really well.

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