Places Where Celebrities Hang Out

4 April 2016

Where do celebrities hang out most of the time?

Have you ever wonder how celebrities spend their time while they are not working on their masterpiece? Just like us, they like to have fun with their friends. And just like us, celebrities hang out at their favorite spots.

They are not surrounded by bodyguards all the time. Sometimes, they need space and some time alone with their closest ones.

At these times, you may spot them in public places among us. What are the chances for you to cross path with them? More than you thought.

Take a look at these celebrities hang out spots. It is not just a rumor. They really have been spotted here for several times!

10. Taylor Swift at OMNIA Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

Celebrities Hang Out Spots Taylor Swift at OMNIA Caesars Palace, Las Vegas
Taylor Swift at OMNIA Caesars Palace, Las Vegas | source: people.com

The new hot couple is in town! Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris. Ever since they go public with their relationship, both of them post a lot of pictures and videos of them together on social media.

On the picture, Taylor was partying with her friends while her man is doing his thing. Yep, that DJ on the background is Calvin.

Taylor was having a great time at OMNIA nightclub. It is located at one of the most popular destinations in USA: Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas.

It was not the only time Taylor attended Calvin’s gig. She loves partying with her friends and her fans too. During her concert, you can get a chance to meet and party with her at Club Red.

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