Alux’s List of Celebrities with Racing Hobby

30 April 2016

Besides doing what they do best on screen, these celebrities also have a racing hobby.

For some men, racing is the source of adrenaline excitement. It is no wonder that some male celebrities seek this experience through their racing hobby. What about female celebrities?

Racing has become a unisex sport. Danica Patrick, for example, is bursting through her career in professional car racing. So, it should be no surprise if some female celebrities has the brand “speed demon” attached to their persona.

How far will these celebrities go in terms of pursuing their racing hobby? Some of them will just occasionally attend racing event or fool around with their own cars’ speed limit. However, not few of them took a further and deeper step into the racing world.

Among those celebrities, we picked ten who had tremendous achievements (or at least images) in their life because of this unique racing hobby they have.

10. Paul Walker

Alux's List of Celebrities with Racing Hobby Paul Walker
Alux’s List of Celebrities with Racing Hobby #10 Paul Walker | source: nydailynews.com

The late Paul Walker was related to racing from his last movie franchise, Fast and Furious. But he was also known for his racing hobby and his passion for exotic cars. Tragically, it was speed that ended his life.

Paul was not a street car racer like the character he portrayed in the movie. He competed in a professional racing series, the Redline Time Attack. He was riding a modified BMW M3, as seen on the picture.

He was not just talented on track. He was also talented in racing business. He co-owned the Always Evolving racing team. Today, the AE team still races professionally.

Paul Walker once expressed his love towards racing by saying:

“If one day the speed kills me, don’t cry. Because I was smiling.”

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