Celebrities Spotted at Roland Garros

21 May 2016

Some celebrities were spotted at last year’s Roland Garros. What about this year?

This year’s Roland Garros is just around the corner. This is the second Grand Slam this year after Australian Open last January.

The summer of slams is the biggest set of events in the tennis world. It is when the two Grand Slams come side by side in just one month apart. After Roland Garros this month, tennis world will welcome Wimbledon in July.

Grand Slam is the most important tournament for all tennis players. For many years, its prestige has been luring celebrities in to witness tennis match up close. Thus, if you watch Roland Garros in Paris, you will get the chance to meet them too!

Here are some celebrities who were spotted in previous Roland Garros tournaments. Chances are that they will be there again this year!

10. Best Tennis Players and Legends

Hang Out with Celebrities at Roland Garros | Best tennis players and legends
Hang Out with Celebrities at Roland Garros | Best Tennis Players and Legends | source: sport.aktualne.cz

Let’s start with the obvious. You will get to see these best tennis players in the world. They will surely attend the tournament. Unfortunately though, Roger Federer will be absent this year due to injury.

Besides watching them on court, you can meet them off court as well. Each tennis tournament offers its premium access where you can spend time with these talented people during the tournaments. You just need to dig a little deeper into your pocket for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Besides the current tennis players, some tennis legends often attend Roland Garros. Some of them come to reconnect with the world they used to be in. Some others are there as honorary guests of the tournament.

Some others, like Boris Becker, are there to support the player they coach. Boris is currently coaching the world’s number one, Novak Djokovic.

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