You Had No Idea About These 10 Celebrity Art Collectors!

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You Had No Idea About These 10 Celebrity Art Collectors!

Are you ready for the ten famous celebrity art collectors? I say let’s get started!

We’ve been talking about collecting things for so long now. We even made several list about the topic, and we always gave you the best information we could find.

Today we are doing the same thing and bring you the celebrity art collectors. You know that are people who like to spend big money for a piece of art. Well, among those people, there are also celebrities.

Some of them are willing to spend how much it takes in order to buy their favorite piece of art and display it on their homes.

With that in mind, we put together a list with the most avid celebrity art collectors just for you! Ready to find out the #1?

N10. Swizz Beatz

The rapper Swizz Beatz starts our list of the famous celebrity art collectors. He is very dedicated to the art life and has an impressive collection.

Swizz Beatz’s private collection boasts pieces by Basquiant, Swoon, Ernie Barnes, Takashi Murakami, and Cecily Brown.

His interested in Basquiat inspired the rapper to start looking for and collect art.

He told Artspace that he approached high-profile dealers like Enrico Navarro, Jeffrey Deitch, and Tony Shafrazi about buying artworks for his home and “Basquiat’s name just kept coming up in conversation, so I started doing my homework and saw that the lines with me and him were running parallel.”

10 Celebrity Art Collectors
10 Celebrity Art Collectors ||
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