You Won’t Believe What Kylie Jenner Wears To The Gym

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Top 11 Best Celebrity Gym Outfits

Getting motivated to work out isn’t always that easy, but sometimes you need a little push just to get started, feast your eyes on these Top 11 Best Celebrity Gym Outfits !

Working out can deffinitely get ugly, you’re all sweaty and you have sort-of a gym hair situation going on… It’s important to keep in mind that you are not alone!

We make them out to be perfect, always glowing and always looking like just got out from the styling room, but they are actually people just like us sharing the same problems, only there’s one small difference..

They look confident!

Grab that piece of advice and rock any outfit like you’re walking the runway, no matter where you’re headed!

Havig said that we’re going to dive into the  Top 11 Best Celebrity Gym Outfits !

1.Margot Robbie

You know her from her stunning performance in The Wolf Of Wall Street.

Way to look healthy and like you don’t give a damn about what anybody thinks of you, good job girl!

Top 11 Best Celebrity Gym Outfits

2.Candice Swanepoel

The Victoria’s Secret model slays and shows us you only need a pair on sunglasses and a cool attitude to rock her look.

Top 11 Best Celebrity Gym Outfits candice
Candice hitting the gym in an UnderArmor Bra
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3.Alessandra Ambrosio

Another angel here! Grab a Starbucks and get pumped for the gym.

Top 11 Best Celebrity Gym Outfits

4.Khloe Kardashian

The most fitness-addicted Kardashian, she’s toned and still curvy, there you go, one of the greatest combos.

Top 11 Best Celebrity Gym Outfits

5. Rihanna

Riri is fit, grungey and generaly has a cool vibe to her.

She doesn’t stress, she just goes with the flow, her attitude is one thing we should all at least try to adopt.

Top 11 Best Celebrity Gym Outfits

6.Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth

Who says you can’t have a gym session with your loved one?

Wanting to impress a certain somebody can deffinitely be gread motivation, am I right?

Top 11 Best Celebrity Gym Outfits

7.Selena Gomez

I personally preffer an all black outfit when I go to the gym because it looks hot, boosts up your confidence and pushes you to work harder.

Selena here, added that orange pop of colour (matching her shoes, of course) and it feels like it the whole day brightens up!

Top 11 Best Celebrity Gym Outfits

8.Kylie Jenner

When you’re Kylie you don’t go to the gym to get fit, you go to look hot and take tons of pictures for Instagram.

Her outfit looks really complex though.

Top 11 Best Celebrity Gym Outfits

9.Gigi Hadid

If you’re a laid-back kind of gal, like Gigi, a simple colorfull sporst bra, some sunnies and a top knot will do the trick.

Top 11 Best Celebrity Gym Outfits

10.Cara Delevigne

If you’re not into the girly look, you can definitely go fot the more tomboy-like outfit.

Just wear looser gym clothes that go well with your personal style.

Top 11 Best Celebrity Gym Outfits

11.Kendall Jenner

This is going to sound cheesy, but your best accesory is a smile!

Look and feel happy and you will glow from within, be yourself and don’t let anybody boss you around!

If you’re intersted, here are 15 facts you don’t know about Kendall.

Top 11 Best Celebrity Gym Outfits

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