Celebrity Indecent Proposals | Top 10

27 August 2014

Celebrity Indecent Proposals | Top 10

You haven’t seen the worst until you have seen these Celebrity Indecent Proposals!

At some point in your life you might have entered a bar and some stranger decides to buy you a drink out of the blue. Normally these acts are fishy but the proposals these celebrities got are simply jaw-dropping!

Imagine that someone you have never met walks up to you and offers you a large sum of money in exchange for a night with you. Would you dare to accept it? Is it morally right to do such a thing nowadays?

Do such people really think that they can buy off others so easily?

Famous people are no strangers of the odd ( that’s for sure ) but how far is too far when it comes to these types of things?

Well, the following celebrities may have accepted or turned down some indecent proposals but some of them are scandalous!

10.George Clooney

While present at a Venice Film Festival back in 2009, Hollywood star George Clooney received a very unusual and mind-blowing offer from an Italian reporter.

The man made a jaw-dropping appearance when he decided to rip off his clothes and confess his love for the celebrity, also revealing that he was gay.

After putting on the short show he told Clooney : ” George, pick me. I love you.”

While the man was escorted out of the room, George Clooney kept his calm and jokingly said that an ambulance is on its way to pick him up.

After the disastrous act, the reporter confessed that he did such a thing only to make the celebrity to come out of the closet!

George Clooney | Indecent Celebrity Proposals | Top 10
10.George Clooney | Celebrity Indecent Proposals | Top 10
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