Who is the Biggest Plastic Surgery Spender?

15 December 2016

How far would someone go to alter their look? These celebrity plastic surgeries may surprise you.

Some people say physical appearance is important because it can make us feel good. So, some of them try all kinds of things to achieve that. And if you work in entertainment industry, you are only a few steps away from undergoing extreme makeover like these celebrity plastic surgeries.

Even though physical appearance is not the only criteria to determine beauty, and to look good does not always make us feel good, many people still desperately try to change their appearance in search of physical perfection. The quickest way for that is through plastic surgery.

Originally, plastic surgery is done for medical purpose. But these days, people do it just to enhance their look even though there is nothing medically wrong about it. However, plastic surgery is not risk free. Instead of getting a better look, you may end up looking worse.

Plastic surgery is popular among celebrities. And some of them are willing to pay truckload of money for the best procedures. We ranked fifteen celebrities who have spent the largest amount of money for them. Here is the countdown:

15. Roseanne Barr ($45,000)

15 Most Expensive Celebrity Plastic Surgeries | #15. Roseanne Barr ($45,000)
15 Most Expensive Celebrity Plastic Surgeries | #15. Roseanne Barr ($45,000) | source: picsofcelebrities.com

When many people undergo plastic surgery to enhance their look, Roseanne Barr had one unique reason. The actress, comedian, writer, television producer and director just wanted to get away from her former husband, Tom Arnold.

Roseanne is quite open about her plastic surgery. The story began in the early 1990s, when Roseanne was married to Tom. The marriage didn’t end up well for it only lasted for 4 years. During that period of time, she underwent some plastic surgeries.

She did that so she would have time to be away from her husband. And then, she would be accompanied by a nurse for her post-surgery recovery and did not have to be alone with him. As the result, Roseanne had multiple surgeries from nose job, face-lift, cheek implant, breast reduction, liposuction, to tummy tuck.

In 1998, few years after her divorce, Roseanne had gastric bypass to lose some weight because she was obese. She admits that even though she has spent around $45,000 for plastic surgeries, she wants more. But she stops herself from doing that because she feels too old and is scared that anesthesia will kill her.

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