11 Celebs Who Voiced Video Games Characters

23 July 2015

11 Celebs Who Voiced Video Games Characters

They are the eleven celebs who voiced video games characters!

I’m sure you did not know that these celebs have voiced characters from your favorite video games. And I know you thought about it, and perhaps realized that the voice is a bit familiar, but never knew to put a face on that voice.

Well, luckily for you, we did wonder the same thing and came up with our ten favorite celebrities who voiced video games characters.

And we are sure you think that some of the most famous Hollywood celebrities have landed their voices to video games characters.

But let’s see who they are, and what character did they voice!

#11 Neil Patrick Harris (Saints Row 2)

The first star from our list is Neil Patrick Harris, who is famous for playing a lady lover in the TV show How I Met Your Mother.

In the past, Harris has voiced several animated films, but I bet you didn’t know about him voicing video games characters.

Among the characters he voiced, is DJ Veteran Child in “Saints Row 2”, and “Saints Row IV”. The character is a drug cartel lieutenant and DJ for the nightclub On Track.

DJ Veteran Child is the main Samedi drug dealer and supplies Stilwater Universtiy. Neil’s portrayal is just perfect. Because he is an amazing actor, he can go from a womanizer to a total badass in no time.

11 Celebs Who Voiced Video Games Characters
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