CEOs Who Are Still In School

30 November 2014

CEOs Who Are Still In School | TOP 10

Let’s find out who are these CEOs who are still in school.

They proved that is not that hard to become a Chief Executive Officer, especially if you are this young.

These kids had a great idea and with the help of their parents turned it into gold.

They are richer than their classmates, but they still have to go to school.

But, would you still go to school if you had a billion dollar idea?

Have a look at our list which we ordered by age. See who is the youngest CEO!

10. Stefan Anderson – Age 16

CEOs Who Are Still In School 10. Stefan Anderson – Age 16
CEOs Who Are Still In School 10. Stefan Anderson – Age 16 |via: tedxyouthmaastricht.com|

He is a 16-year-old kid who started his own company called Hope Apparel. Stefan started his company to create a positive social change and make a difference.

He wasn’t aiming for the profit, just wanted to be different.

Anderson began his company step by step. The first one was to give up video games. Then he used his time in a better way- started a company.

Named it Hope Apparel, and so his adventure began. We said that he didn’t want to make profit from it, and so all the profits go towards three charities: Hoops 4 Hope, FACE Children, and Shelterbox. Last year the total amount donated by companies to charities added up to $53 billion.

Soon, he realized that anyone can be an entrepreneur; it only took him 52 minutes 36 seconds, 23 dollars and 5 websites to start.

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