Chanel’s Expensive Boomerang is Still Available for Purchase Even Though People are pissed

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Chanel’s Boomerang Price Tag Comes Back to Burn the Brand

Don’t hold your breath ’cause Chanel’s Boomerang is here! What is missing from your wardrobe and sports equipment? I’m telling you that if you don’t have Chanel’s expensive boomerang you’ve got nothing!

Take your fancy clothes and go out and have some fun with this expensive boomerang.

Yes, it is a simple boomerang, but it has Chanel’s logo so it must be exquisite. It comes with a stylish glossy black finish and with an equally fancy price tag.

Lately, the brand has released some unique stuffs, from mouse pads to everything you can think of (almost). Now they are releasing this glossy black boomerang.

However, the boomerang has gotten a lot of unwanted attention and we don’t know what to think about.

It all started when make-up artist Jeffree Star shared a photo of his boomerang on Instagram.

The photo got a lot of attention with many people accusing the artist and Chanel of cultural appropriation.

Boomerangs used to be weapons in Indigenous Australian culture, that if you didn’t know.

They transformed the boomerangs many times into toys, but never transformed them into a luxury accessory.

This particular boomerang is part of Chanel’s Spring/Summer Pre-Collection. The collection features a surfboard as well as tennis balls.

Chanel’s Boomerang Has a Price Tag of $1,300 and People are Pissed Because Of It
Chanel’s Boomerang Has a Price Tag of $1,300 and People are Pissed Because Of It

However, this is not the first time they’ve tried to sell a boomerang. Remember that time when they made a red version?

What did Chanel had to say about this?

Chanel has released a statement, but they didn’t mention if they would remove the boomerang from the collection but apologized for offending people.

“Chanel is extremely committed to respecting all cultures, and deeply regrets that some may have felt offended,”

“The inspiration taken from leisure activities from other parts of the world. It has never been our intention to disrespect the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and the significance of the boomerang as a cultural object.”

On social media the comments about Chanel’s boomerang sparked, and many of them are negative.

Chanel’s Boomerang Has a Price Tag of $1,300 and People are Pissed Because Of It
Chanel’s Boomerang Has a Price Tag of $1,300 and People are Pissed Because Of It |source:|

Nayuka Gorrie, an activist, wrote on Twitter: “When I think about Aboriginal culture, I think @Chanel.

“Have decided to save for the next three years so I can connect with my culture.”

At the moment, when we wrote the story, Chanel is still selling the boomerang.

Would you want to buy it? What do you think about the negative comments? Do you agree with those people?

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