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17 November 2013

Cinema Snacks Go Gourmet

Times are changing and we were happy to see that cinema snacks go gourmet! Keep reading!

When you go to cinema you usually buy one or to bags of popcorn, maybe a coke and that’s all, you’re ready to see the movie. 

But nowadays , things have been changed.Popcorn is replaced with truffle, coke with champagne and M&M’s with fairy tale macaroons in a trend that’s elevating the cinema-going experience into a gourmet treat.

Edible-cinema-600x399 Cinema Snacks Go Gourmet

The menu at Luc Besson’s newly opened ultiplex xinema from Paris includes smoked salmon, glasses of bubbly, macarons, caviar made with passion by one of the country’s top chef, Pierre Herme.

Cinema social club Le Popcorn Project, which shows films at Le Club de L’Etoile near the Champs-Elysées, has tapped the city’s burgeoning food truck scene to cater its monthly screenings and offer gourmet sandwiches, dim sum, savory tarts, quiches and pies.

PopCornProject-Club-de-létoile-lebonbonparis-480x321 Cinema Snacks Go Gourmet

Some movie theaters and boutiques in London and New York have been offering more sophisticated versions of popcorn or cheese sauce-soaked nachos for gourmand cinephiles.

In London, Edible Cinema synchronize food with the movie to add another dimension to the movie-watching experience. For instance, during a scene in “Pan’s Labyrinth” where characters run through a pine forest, patrons munch on pine-smoked popcorn to evoke the sensation of the trees and the sound of the needle-laden forest floor.

Edible-Cinema-pic-600x337 Cinema Snacks Go Gourmet

In “Some Like it Hot” movie, watchers bite rose-tinted Turkish delight with a champagne-flavored liquid center. And at Nitehawk Cinema  chefs create film and food pairings that involve tucking into meals like blood orange gastrique, crispy pork belly and a ‘Bucket of Blood’ cocktail during a screening of the horror flick “Carrie.”

nitehawk-large-cinema Cinema Snacks Go Gourmet


I can’t wait to try an experience like this. If you do it before me, please let me know how it was ! We hope you liked our article about Cinema Snacks Go Gourmet !

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