Coldest Places on Earth | Top 10

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Coldest Places on Earth | Top 10

If you’re wondering which are the coldest places on Earth, you’re in the right place!

Earth is full of extreme climates, making it difficult for human habitation.

Of course, you will think that some of these places are in Antarctica and Russia, but some of them aren’t. And you can get to some of these only by boat or plane.

The lowest recorded temperature was -135.8 degrees Fahrenheit, placing it at #1, and the other 9 are frighteningly close to it.

So without no further questions, we present the 10 coldest places on Earth. Let’s get started!

10Rogers Pass, Montana, US : -70 degrees Fahrenheit

We begin our top 10 of the coldest places on Earth with Rogers Pass.

Located on the Continental Divide, Montana, at 1.710 meters above sea level, Rogers Pass has one of the coldest weather on the entire planet.

And as you can see in the image below, the coldest temperature was recorded on January 20, 1954.

-70 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s -57 degrees Celsius. And if you think that’s cold, we’re just at the beginning of this top list.

Coldest Places on Earth  Top 10 10. Rogers Pass, Montana, US :  -70 degrees Fahrenheit
Coldest Places on Earth Top 10 10. Rogers Pass, Montana, US : -70 degrees Fahrenheit

The next place has no road access and it can be reached only by plane or boat.

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