10 Companies Who Rule The Tech World

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Companies Who Rule The Tech World And Make The Future Brighter

These are the ten companies who rule the tech world who were launched almost 20 years ago, with small investments and an idea of revolution in the future.

Taking the lead and dominating the market was an easy thing for these companies because the world was evolving in the internet era where everything was possible through it.

They managed over the years to become the best in their domains, create job opportunities and profit like no other companies.

The online world gave them space and quickly they developed into giants to rule the technology market.

Let’s see which are the companies who rule the tech world and what is so innovative about them.

10. The Huffington Post

Starting the list is the Huffington Post an online media platform that delivers the best news in real time with a focus on political journalism.

The website was founded on the need to deliver quality news, editorials and various articles while the other website where expanding on a slow and uncertain rate.

After its first nominations, the Huffington Post started to receive even prizes like the Pulitzer Prize for extraordinary journalism.

A pace at a time it became the primary source of news for more than 375 million people who were thinking at the same time that the website offers the best political views on different situations.

Its sources, the journalists behind it and a strong media coverage over different types of stories made it the most popular news site in America for example.

It created the biggest and most reliable online news network available in the present, where technology has a major role in supporting the online news giant.

#10 The Huffington Post | Companies Who Rule The Tech World | Image Source: thesolutionsproject.org
#10 The Huffington Post | Companies Who Rule The Tech World | Image Source: thesolutionsproject.org
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