10 Coolest Tech Clothes

29 May 2015

Coolest Tech Clothes On The Market

From the future or just helping the present we present in the following the coolest tech clothes, a line of high technology wearable clothing.

While technology evolves and people try to use it in different domains, this is your chance to see how people taught that high-tech gadgets could be implemented in clothes and clothing accessories.

For fun, helping you do something or raising the bar when it comes to its performances, these clothing articles are one of a kind pieces which show us how the modern world see the future of technology applicability on clothes.

So let’s see which are the coolest tech clothes and what are their features.

10. Electronic T-Shirt

While most of you are thinking how do these tech clothes look, we thought to break the ice with a fun application that blends technology and music.

We are talking about the Electronic T-Shirt, a fully playable T-shirt, based on a drum machine, for example, that plays 9 different drum kits, has a leper and many other features.

The same thing is working for the Electronic Guitar T-Shirt, a fully playable guitar that is placed on your t-shirt, which comes with a portable mini-amplifier.

Created from sensors which are adapted to certain sounds and tunes, these wearable tech clothes are fun to have and could be the future of music playing.

#10 Electronic T-Shirt | Coolest Tech Clothes | Image Source: thegadgetflow.com
#10 Electronic T-Shirt | Coolest Tech Clothes | Image Source: thegadgetflow.com
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