10 Coolest Urban Two Wheelers

5 June 2015

Coolest Urban Two Wheelers For The Those Who Like Alternative Transportation

For those who like to travel from point A to point B without a major impact on the environment, we present the coolest urban two wheelers, to offer you a large variety of Eco transportation.

If you were thinking about bikes and Segways, you are in the right place because the list is composed from unique two wheeled vehicles designed to be different and efficient.

When the market is overflown by bikes and electric vehicles, we present those two wheelers that come apart from your usual bike design and bring to the surface new technology and revolutionary ideas to the world.

So let’s see which are the coolest urban two wheelers, how do they look and how can you ride them.

10. The Moulton Bicycle

For the urban kid who wants to ride constantly and needs a durable two wheeler we present the Moulton Bicycle.

Manufactured in England and designed for multiple purpose the Moulton comes in different models with multiple accessories, but at the base we have the same principle.

The bike was created for those who want a lightweight transportation, for those who need comfort and also for those who want to do tricks.

The bicycle has small wheels with full suspension and its handcrafted, giving its originality and performance at the same time.

While you think about it a little bit you actually discover that you can use the bike for performance, speeding down the streets to reach your destination, or do jumps and other tricks, avoiding traffic and pedestrians.

#10 Moulton Bicycle | Coolest Urban Two Wheelers | Image Source: innovarisports.com.sg
#10 Moulton Bicycle | Coolest Urban Two Wheelers | Image Source: innovarisports.com.sg
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