Top 10 Countries with Highest Number of Billionaires

31 March 2016

Is a Country Rich because It Has The Highest Number of Billionaires?

Let’s take a look at this list of Countries with the Highest Number of Billionaires before we answer that question. One billionaire in one country is good. Hundreds of them? That is better.

As you can see on my previous article about The Richest People in Indonesia, all of those billionaires are successful businessmen. Some of them even started all from scratch. Some of them grew up in a poor family. They understand the struggle in achieving success. Hence, they will hold on to it once they achieved it. What about most billionaires in the entire world? They do share the same patterns of success.

There are also some of them who possess their wealth through inheritance. However, it does not mean that they do nothing for their success. Some says maintaining is harder than gaining. Yes, they started with great advantages of money and existing structure. But the efforts they need to make in order to maintain that inherited success are also valuable.

From the latest record, there are 1,826 billionaires in the entire world. So, which of the countries mostly populated by those special people? Let’s start the countdown based on official Forbes list.

10. Canada: 39 Billionaires

Top 10 Countries with the Highest Number of Billionaires Canada: 39 Billionaires
Canada: 39 Billionaires | source: europeansanctions.com

Canada is the home of Niagara Falls… and Justin Bieber. The country manages to keep up with its neighbor, United States of America.

According to Forbes, there are 39 billionaires living in Canada. Leading these 39 rich people is David Thomson. In 2015, Forbes listed him as the world’s 25th richest people. His net worth is $23.8 billion.

David Thomson, the 3rd Baron Thomson of Fleet, is the chairman of Thomson Corporation since 2006 after his father passed away. The company merged with Reuters in 2008 and became Thomson Reuters.

Canada itself ranked the 11th world’s largest economy with $1.79 trillion GDP. Ranked 10th on highest number of billionaires and 11th on economy… not bad, huh?

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