Countries with Least Amount of Debt

28 March 2016

9. Russia – Debt Deficit: 7.7% of GDP

Top 10 Countries with The Least Debt Deficit Russia
Russia | source: global-opportunities.net

Russia is one of the world’s super power countries and the world’s biggest country in terms of landmass. When you think about this country, you might come up with snowy land, rough accent, or the secret agents (apparently, I watch too much movies). Aside to those, Russian federation is enriched by organic resources.

Despite the struggles with both internal and external conflicts, Russia manages to sustain its stability with only 7.7% public debt of its $1,860,598 gross domestic product (GDP).

Russian federation has the world’s eighth biggest oil supplies and second biggest gas supplies. With such supplies, Russia is able to finance its functions. It also has a very varied financial system and is the home of many different industries.

These all resulted in the country’s financial sustainability which put it on our top 10 countries with least debt deficit list.

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