In these times of need, where are the Anti-vaxxers, the Healers & Televangelists?!

25 March 2020

Antivax – Sorcery – Televangelists & Healers: where are you now?!

It’s all fun and games when society is doing well, when everything is working as it should and we’re so safe and secure that we begin searching for problems where there aren’t any.

Then calamity strikes. Every superficial bullshit gets wiped out immediately exposing the world as it actually is, a scary place that needs knowledge, insight and expertise to get us out of the difficult situation we find ourselves in.

In times like these, the pretenders are quiet, while those who can truly solve this go to work.

Let’s say you’re an antivax person and your mother gets infected with the coronavirus and by some miracle we find a vaccine that can cure the illness. You’ve tried your essential oils and burned some sage around here but she’s still not getting better. What’s your call?

Would you stick by your convictions or would you save your mother and have her take the vaccine?!

Same goes for crystal huggers and healers. It’s easy to play the part of a mystical being when your powers work in mysterious ways, but today you have the opportunity to prove yourself, why isn’t anybody doing it? Because it’s all bullshit.

These are the people who want to take advantage of desperate individuals. Speaking of taking advantage, there are few things worse than the multi-millionaire televangelists in the US – exception making the priest from Romania we mentioned earlier.

One of the most recent televangelists that came under fire in the US is Jim Bakker who on his show sold a $125 “Silver Solution” implying that it’s a coronavirus cure. It took the FDA a couple of days to shut him down.

Another one of our favorites here on the channel is Kenneth Copeland whom we’ve covered in detail in our video: Why GOD wants Pastors to have private jets, who healed viewers of the coronavirus through their televisions just a couple of nights ago with 0 real life effects.

In times of crisis we are forced to return to core principles, to physics, to chemistry, to science that’s true no matter what your horoscope says.

This is part 13 out of 15 about a discussion on the world in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

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