People Who Don’t Understand Math Think the Flu is Worse than COVID-19

25 March 2020

People do not understand how exponential growth works and it’s causing mass confusion!

One thing that caught our attention was the lack of understanding of numbers. From the general population to world leaders we’ve heard numerous times sayings like:

The flu kills 50,000 people every year, corona kills a couple of thousands.

Car accidents kill much more people, but you don’t see us banning cars.

If you lack a basic education both of these arguments might sound legit to you.

50,000 who are dying from flu is a greater number than the few thousands that died from this virus.

Here’s why you need to understand numbers kids and why you should pay attention in school.

The number of people who die because of the flu is a linear number.

The mortality rate for the flu is at 0.1% – if you get the flu, 1 in every 1000 people will die.

The mortality rate for the coronavirus is between 3-5% of the infected population right now.

At 3% it’s 30 times deadlier than the flue.

But the numbers don’t stop there.

You see, coronavirus has an additional dimension to the number of its victims, how easily it spreads.

covid19 flu


Without social distancing, without you staying at home, the virus spread is EXPONENTIAL. Why? Because 1 person can infect 5-10-100 or more people if left unchecked. This leads to an accelerated rate of infection. Left unchecked the entire world population could get this virus before the end of the year.

Taking the united states as an example:

Total population 327 million people
At 100% infection rate this translates to 10 million people dead. To put the numbers in perspective, 6 million people died during the holocaust.

100% infected Europe, results in 22.2 million people dead.

If India were to be 100% infected, that leads to over 40 million people dead.

This is why this virus isn’t like the flu or car crashes, the death rate is considerably higher than almost everything else out there and it’s spreading quickly through the population.

Fortunately for us all, we have ways of preventing the spread: both the government and the population are making efforts to limit the spread.

The biggest one is staying inside: If you’re out there, you are at risk of being contaminated and spreading the virus.

Washing your hands with soap and not touching your face are crucial to not putting the virus into your body and getting infected.

Follow the advice medical professionals are offering, because it could save millions of lives in a chain reaction.

This is part 11 out of 15 about a discussion on the world in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

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