Coronavirus has shown us how fragile our society is

25 March 2020

It’s in times like these all our flaws come out screaming!

Remember when we used to be in awe at just how much of an impact snow would have on the logistics of transport? Every year the cleaning crews would be caught off guard by snow in the middle of January and all traffic would come to a standstill until it got cleared out… Coronavirus was a million times that.

It exposed so many flaws in our society, in our processes, in our systems & in ourselves.

The flaws are not new, yet we chose to deliberately ignore them or even legitimize them through policy. The problem of poverty among the masses is not something new, the lack of infrastructure isn’t either or the fact that essential personnel are paid minuscule amounts in order to push profits to the limits, personnel that are now asked to give their lives in order to save as many people as possible.

While some of us observe the phenomenon and have quarantined ourselves as recommended, there are still a large portion of the population thinking this isn’t actually serious or that they’re better than everyone else.

For the love of the meme: We live in a society!

A society that’s already collapsing while we try to keep ourselves distracted with countless hours of entertainment.

Our old are ill, our young are depressed, our governments are corrupt and you’re just sitting there pondering it all.

But there’s good in the world, there’s good when we come together.

A society that brings people together is greater than the sum of all individuals!

The old get better with medical help, the youth feel better when they know they have someone to talk to, and you are an important piece of this puzzle, without you, the image isn’t right.

The thing about exposing the fragility of the world is that they shine a light on what you have to fix and some of it begins with you!

This is part 14 out of 15 about a discussion on the world in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

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