During the Coronavirus Pandemic the Population Lost Trust in the Government

25 March 2020

Why trust a government that’s flip-flopping faster than ever before and clearly isn’t in control of what’s happening!

We get it, this is a unique situation, nobody expects you to know what to do in this case, as for many of us this is the first and only pandemic we’ll ever experience in our lifetimes.

What the population expects from their governments is a sense of security, transparency and direction.

The big issue begins when PRIDE gets involved and nobody wants to look like they have no idea what they’re doing and as a result people die.

It happened in China, before finally admitting that this is bigger than they are.

It happened in the US, where the president addressed the nation telling everyone there is no reason to worry since this just a regular flu and definitely not a pandemic, only to have him 1 month later say that he’s always said it’s a pandemic and how great their decisions are despite the obvious reality everyone is experiencing.

Italy for weeks failed to take any measures, because they thought: There’s no way this could happen to us!

And the UK was arrogant enough to despise the threat and say they choose not to take any measures and let the population get infected as a way of riding out the storm, only to realize – too late the scope of the issue and how many people are dying because of their lack of action. Btw: prince Charles – the next in line after the queen – has been confirmed with coronavirus.

Hospitals are screaming loud and clear that they need help, the private sector is in complete lock down not knowing how to support their employees without commercial activity and the population is confused because of the way governments are communicating.

Everyone is looking towards the leadership of the country for direction, only to hit a dead end.

This corrodes the trust the population has on the people that were put in place for specifically this type of events. It’s time for governments to earn their pay and they’re failing us. This is why everyone is feeling the way you’re feeling right now: confused, a bit panicked and scared.

People are afraid of what they don’t understand!

That’s why you see people hoarding toilet paper, an item that has very little value in this situation. Because they’re confused.

The crisis will pass, but the impact the decisions of the government have on the marketplace and the people who make up the state will be long term. The world is finally seeing who they have put in charge.

These days, the people should look at how other countries are dealing with the issue and make up their minds of what they require from their future leaders. For us South Korea has been a success case of dealing with this pandemic: quick to act, clear communication, a long term investment in the health of the population that has paid off massively these days.

This is part 7 out of 15 about a discussion on the world in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

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