Coronavirus Forces You to Find Out WHO YOU ARE as a Person

25 March 2020

These days people are finding out who they really are!

We want you to take a good look at who you’ve been these past few days, how you behaved, what your thoughts were, what you did, what you said, how you’ve been.

Coronavirus has put a mirror in front of all of us in a unique scenario, when we’re alone.

Some people hoarded hand sanitizer at the expense of everyone else, hoping to make a quick buck by reselling it on eBay for 20x the price. You felt smart didn’t you?!

Some people decided to ignore every call to action out there and act arrogant.

Others brushed it off as international conspiracies, all coming down from the top – whatever that means.

Who are you when no one is looking?

Did you worry about your parents and grandparents? Do you have a plan to support them in these troubling times? Can you support yourself?

The thing about tragedies – of any kind – is that they force you to rethink your life and please do:

Are you happy? Who is there for you and who are you there for? What do you want your life to be when all of this is over?

We want you to take this opportunity and focus on yourself. Ask yourself the difficult questions you’ve been postponing, face your reality and try to be better than you previously were.

Although coronavirus says a lot about our society, about our leaders, about your countries it says a great deal about ourselves as well.

With the extra time you have on your hands, take the time to re-evaluate some things and make sure to share your findings others, which is why we’re raising the following question:

What did you learn from the Coronavirus period?

This wraps up our last short episode in our 15 part series about life during the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

You can watch the full video here: