During the Coronavirus Pandemic The Young Are Willing to Sacrifice the Old

25 March 2020

Can we just take a moment to observe How quickly the young are willing to sacrifice the old?!

This might be a different perspective than the one you’re accustomed to and it boils down to the level of empathy people are displaying right now.

In numerous interviews we’ve heard mainly the younger segment of the population say things like:

It’s not that serious, it only kills the old and the ill!

Anything that kills is serious and there’s something that bothers us deeply about this perspective, how quickly we are to dismiss our elders and those going through sickness as expandable.

Would it be the same, if your partner was fighting an illness right now? Are you ready to lose your parents? Are you willing to just let them die because by chance you have a better shot at survival?

We know this isn’t the case with everyone, but this underlying issue we’ve identified runs deeper that covid-19. It’s about human disconnect; it seems we have lost the notion of a community. Everyone is thinking in terms of ME instead of WE.

This disconnect between generation, boomers vs millennials & gen z, is in full swing in the middle of this pandemic.

The younger generation is calling covid-19 the “BOOMER Removal” through memes and unknowingly the offended boomers are making it trend.

How f*cked up is this?!

Everyone has people they care about, everyone knows someone who is struggling with health issues and above everything we had higher expectations of everyone coming together and doing our part.

This is part 12 out of 15 about a discussion on the world in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

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