Cristiano Ronaldo Earns More Than $250,000 for Sponsored Tweets

9 September 2015

Cristiano Ronaldo Earns More Than $250,000 for Sponsored Tweets

Cristiano Ronaldo earns more than $250k for sponsored tweets and makes your Twitter game look weak.

According to Complex Magazine a sponsored tweet from the athlete is worth more than $250k.

They also say that LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers has more than 23 million Twitter followers and a sponsored tweet from him is worth more than $139,000.

But for the Portuguese professional footballer things are a bit different. He has over 37.7 million Twitter followers and makes about $250,000 for his sponsored posts.

By sponsored tweets we mean tweets where the athlete promotes a product, and is getting paid a lot of money for writing something under 140 characters.

When you are one of the most popular human beings on social media, your 140 characters are worth a lot of money.

Ronaldo makes considerably more than most people do in a year for any sponsored tweet you read. Being one of the richest athletes in the world is easier for him to promote anything.  

Because when you are a famous footballer, making insane amounts of money is not a hard thing to do. You just need to be at your physical best and make sure that hard work you put in at practice translates on the field. And so the multi-year multi-million contracts you sign will reflect that.

A.S. reports that a simple 140-character-tweet from the footballer’s official account can make him €230,366.

He has made enough money to buy a house. (And he did purchase this apartment from the Trump Tower).

Other athletes who are considered to be some of the world’s biggest sponsors include Wayne Rooney, Rafael Nadal and Neymar.

What we find so astonishing is the fact that there are only two American athletes on that list! LeBron James and Kevin Durant.

According to the DailyMail, Ronaldo has the 13th highest most followers but is overshadowed by Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and President Barack Obama.

Basically, this means that if any of those 10 athletes were to tweet anything about a product brand, or even a photo of himself or herself sporting a brand, they’d earn anywhere from $45,000 to $250,000 with just one tweet.

Ronaldo is the most followed sports personality online, with 167.7 million followers across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Ronaldo earns $200,000 more for a tweet than Floyd Mayweather. Finally, there is someone who has something more than Floyd. The world’s richest athlete earns $35,000 for a promotional tweet.

When Floyd Mayweather packs, he only packs 100 dollar bills and no clothes!

Cristiano reminds me of the girl who earned $15k per Instagram post! Remember her?