15 Cryptocurrencies We Invested In

10 October 2021

Here Are 15 Cryptocurrencies for You to Consider When Thinking of Investing Again.

Hello Aluxers, this article was a long time in the making. We began our crypto journey in 2016 before the first bull-run, so we’ve been around long enough to see the markets change and slowly mature to the point we see them at today.

We believe Crypto is a one in a lifetime opportunity to build wealth!

And as of 2021 and 2022, there are no other asset classes that can generate the type of returns crypto can. 

So what better way to talk about crypto than to be transparent with our own portfolio. 

There are no affiliate links, this is not financial advice, we’re just sharing with you the coins we’ve invested in.

Time is money. Rather than reading this long article, invest it efficiently in watching the YouTube video version of this text:

With that said, here are the 15 Cryptocurrencies we invested in:


Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is the king of crypto!

It is gold 2.0, it’s the most advanced store of value humanity has ever created.

We believe The fortune of your kids will be measured in bitcoin!

When we launched Bitcoin Essentials last year, the price per coin was under $10,000. Everybody who took the time to invest in themselves has see incredible returns.

We have no plan on selling out bitcoin and yes, we do believe Bitcoin in the next 5 to 10 years will trade in excess of $500,000 per coin.


Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is the fuel the new internet will run on!

For full transparency, over 2 thirds of our entire portfolio is locked in cold storage and is made up of Bitcoin & Ethereum.

We’re fascinated by Web3 and everything that’s being built right now. From the metaverse, to streaming money, to smart contracts we can’t wait for this new reality.

We trust Vitalik’s vision for Eth and the ginormous amount of developers building on top of the ethereum network. Just look at the rise of the NFT space and the majority of it is traded on Eth.

Price wise, once the gas-fee issue is solved, we see no reason why 1 ethereum wouldn’t trade between 10-20,000 dollars.



For full disclosure, we’re also investors in Coinbase, the largest crypto currency exchange in the US.

The reason why we chose to invest in FTX is because of the growth rhythm we’ve seen from them. The fact that we’re the same age as Sam and same as us, he’s here to play the long game, made us bet on him.

We’ve been following his journey since the Alameda days and there’s a good change that FTX might overtake Binance in the next few years. That’s the bet we’re making.

Important to notice that the first investment was in a store of value, the second was in layer 1 and the 3rd in an exchange.


Cardano (ADA)

Never keep all your eggs in the same basket!

We see no reason for two legends to not co-exist in this new world that’s being build and Cardano is one of those projects that’s gonna have a slow, steady and consistent growth as the project evolves.

We’re big fans of Charles Hoskinson even from his Ethereum days . The way he thinks about the impact crypto can have on the developing world is also aligned with our vision of empowering those starved of access.


BarnBridge (BOND)

This is a personal investment made through the crypto fund we’re shareholders in. We personally know the team behind the project and we’ve been fascinated by their ability to create financial products.

If Barnbridge succeeds, their type of technology could eventually replace wall street

Outside of our seed investment in the company, we also hold BOND tokens which we’re staking for a hefty return – make sure you don’t confuse them with Bonded Finance, BarnBridge is a different company with a price trading around $25.


Algorand (ALGO)

In our opinion Algorand has the most academic approach to building their project. Their strategy is slow and steady wins the race. 

Smart-contracts are inevitable. We’re so early in the development of these new platforms that we decided to diversify our investment in the top performers. 

Silvio Micali is an incredibly smart individual and as with most of these projects, we’re also betting on the founder to develop their ecosystems.



Solana has been overhyped recently, but nonetheless we stick to our investment thesis in the strong layer 1 solutions. 

We were impressed by how fast projects have been deployed on solana and how quickly they were able to be a valid competitor to ethereum. The ultra high number of transaction was our investment unique selling point, but we can’t say we weren’t disappointed when the network crashed just a few weeks ago.

Still.. At $140 we still think Solana is a great buy long term.



Long terms everything will be decentralized and the first ones to be disrupted are crypto exchanges.

Between Uniswap and Sushiswap we chose sushi to bet on. It’s the type of Defi platform that will get people to experiment with decentralized finance. Sam Friendman’s backing didn’t hurt either.


We mentioned store of value, layer 1’s, exchanges, decentralized-exchanges, we had to have our hand in the oracle pot as well.

Oracles are the least sexy of the cryptos, but those who understand that for this new internet to be built oracles are absolutely necessary, know the potential these coins have.

Oracles allow you to mine data from the real world and use it into the blockchain. For example, the entire insurance industry will require multiple oracles if it wants to be part of the new internet. CHAINLINK is at the forefront of this technology and we think it’s gonna stay that way for a long time.



TELLOR is another oracle network. As we mentioned with LINK, new smart-contracts will require data and information from multiple oracles in order to lower the risk of inaccuracies. 

We see Tellor as link’s little brother. While chainlink is focused on speed, tellor is focused on security. 

Tellor is also a more decentralized oracle network.

These are the two oracles we’ve chosen to carry in our portfolio.



Polygon is our favorite layer 2 solution at this moment. We’re keeping a close eye on everything happening on ethereum since we’re so heavily invested in it.

Long term these layer 2 solutions will become more efficient and capable if we wish to scale this new internet to the size of its potential. 

Arbitrum & Optimism are also interesting to us, but we told ourselves to pick only one, so we’re betting on MATIC.



The founder of Alux was born in Romania, same as the founder of Elrond.

EGold is one of those projects that hit close to home because we could see exactly how the project is evolving. Our only regret is that we didn’t buy more in the early days. 

We personally love their Maiar app and the fact that you can already pay with egold at some of the most popular festivals in eastern europe.



Compound and projects like it are the future of finance and passive income. Think of your savings account at your favorite bank, but with 100x the interest rate. Because there are no middle men and everything can be locked in smart contracts, financial loans, lending and interest bearing accounts are going to be radically disrupted. 

We love technology and how freeing it is for the average person.

Comp and technology like it will become part of your daily life.



Since we told ourselves to limit the portfolio to only 15 coins, Universe XYZ is our moonshot project. 

It’s something the folks from BarnBridge are building on the side. The goal is to replace NFT platforms like Opensea and rarrible with a decentralized NFT marketplace, so you don’t have to pay the exorbitant fees associated with trading NFTs. 

There’s a slim shot of success, but if it does happen, it could be a massive win. In the mean-time, we’re staking their tokens under governance and we’re earning a 1% per week interest for our investment. 

As long as that money keeps hitting our account we’re good with them. 

While investing, you not only have to be smart but also know your way around money. Check out 15 Signs You’re Smart with Money.



The last coin on our list is the Binance coin.

Although we’re not that big fans of Binance, we have to give props where props is due. CZ has been doing an incredible job. The reason why we’ve purchased BNB recently is because we’re expecting some big news from them in the following weeks.

They’ve been rather silent when everyone else has been announcing hundred million dollar grants and we know Binance is sitting on cash. It wouldn’t surprise us if they came out with a massive grant of 1 billion dollars or so as soon as this bull-run resumes.

If that’s the case, our binance coins will outperform our ethereum holdings. Once it does, we plan on selling and moving that money into more Bitcoin and Ethereum.


I know you probably have plenty more coins you wish we taked about, so this is your opportunity to pitch in: What 3 coins do you hold that you think are long-term winners?

Let us know in the comments!