Who Has the World’s Most Dangerous Weapon?

24 January 2017

If you think guns are dangerous enough, wait until you read this. These are world’s fifteen most dangerous weapons ever made.

Some people say offense is the best defense. Thus, to defend their nation, some forces have been developing the most dangerous weapons you could have ever imagined. And we cover fifteen of them right here on this very article.

Arguing about whether or not it is wise to build these deadly weapons is a never-ending-story since everyone has different point of view. It is understandable because wars in the past have made us learn the hard way to protect ourselves with weapons. But in the other hand, the use of weapons might have made the outcome more fatal.

Regardless, these weapons were made anyway. Some of them were used during wars, but some others were only tested. What for? You tell me. Perhaps they are just showing off what they are capable of so that others would not try to mess around with them.

So, let’s take you back to the dark ages when wars were inevitable. And let’s hope that these weapons would never have to be used in any circumstances.

15. RPG (Rocket-Propelled Grenade)

These are 15 Most Dangerous Weapons ever Made | #15. RPG (Rocket-Propelled Grenade)
These are 15 Most Dangerous Weapons ever Made | #15. RPG (Rocket-Propelled Grenade) | source: delta.gov.ge

Even though it is small and does not cause as much damage as the rest of weapons you will be seeing on this list, we just can’t leave this weapon behind. Because since the days of wars, RPG is still a popular weapon of choice.

I don’t think I need to paint you a picture of how powerful this weapon is. I am sure you have seen it being used in action movies. It could pretty much flip a tank.

That is what it was meant to do when the Soviet Union first designed it. They call it ruchnoy protivotankovy granatomyot¬†or ‘hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher’. The name says it all.

RPG or Rocket-Propelled Grenade is basically a shoulder-fired, anti-tank weapon system. It fires rockets equipped with an explosive warhead. That warhead is called the HEAT, or high explosive anti-tank. Pretty catchy name, isn’t it?

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