Dangers of Luxury not to be Underestimated

24 September 2016

Are you aware of the dangers of luxury? Can you enjoy luxury, without turning into a slave to it?­

Luxury could be considered a drug. As all other drugs, it comes with both positive and negative effects. Evidently, drug users always seek the positives. However, it’s surely foolish to ignore the well-known negatives. Similarly, It would be idiotic to overlook the dangers of luxury.

Picture yourself taking a big hit of luxury on a business trip. You get off your private jet in an exotic destination and feel the warm breeze blowing from the sea. A black Lincoln picks you up and takes you to a deluxe hotel as you go through your emails on your phone and watch the skyscrapers pass by.

Yes! You are Mr. Bigwig! You sit in bad ass cars which could be anyone’s dream. When you get to the hotel, you already know that a presidential suite is waiting for you. People bow down to you and pay you for the invaluable ideas coming from your genius mind. This must always be the case! Why have you been taking the bus and riding your bike all these years? You deserve so much better than that.

Dangers of LuxuryIt might be possible to scientifically measure the euphoric rush you are feeling from this drug. However, frequent pampering of this level could soon make you a lazy addict.

To clarify, you can check out the history of so many kings and queens of the past. Some grew so hooked on their ornate lifestyle that they would execute any servant that failed to deliver their lavish requests exactly as ordered.

Some movie stars today specify in their contracts that they only accept the top grade of limousine and hotel. Meanwhile, threats of legal action support their extravagant demands.

Luxury could be your weakness

When you confine yourself into the small cozy room of luxury, your image of the world, and your ability to survive and thrive in it, also narrows. Like any drug, it can be fun to do at times. But it would be sheer insanity to try to maximize luxury in all aspects of your life, even if you can afford it. Just as it would be idiotic to think that you should take drugs as much as possible since you have enough budget.

Imagine what can happen to a wealthy person who frequently drinks espresso and fine whisky all day, in addition to hits from the bong every single hour!

All things in moderation. Luxury is about stimuli. To put it differently, it stimulates the human mind and body’s senses. But there is more to humans than just pampering the five senses of the body.

While analyzing the dangers of luxury, two things must be remembered. First, luxury has always been and will always be with us. In other words, it’s unrealistic to hate luxury and deny its existence. Instead, it’s better to learn how to manage luxury in a proper way.

Second, luxury is a rather ambiguous concept which is nearly impossible to define. To put it another way, people have different ideas of what luxury really is. As a result, dangers of luxury are rather difficult and complicated to handle. Ultimately, no matter how complex the concept of luxury is, it is yet a concept which could be shared by everyone.

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