David Beckham Street Fashion Style

4 November 2013

David Beckham Street Fashion Style

Taking a look at David Beckham Street Fashion Style in order to see what makes him an icon!

David Beckham represents a man who is always on a change. You can never get tired of his look, I remember over 30 hairstyles of his and his outfits are always up to date and natural.

But sometimes even a man as David must break the rules and wear items out of context and rotate his look. It’s no wonder that people around the world think about him as a style icon, he’s inspiring, confident and fun – everything fashion is all about. David is also one of the greatest footballers who ever lived.

How David describes himself:

I’m a strong person, I’m a strong family man, I’m a strong husband and a strong father.

And this is something that I respect.

David Beckham has some accessories or articles of clothing that he relies on. Like the sunglasses which are one of his marks or all kind of hats, long nice scarves,  sports T-shirts, man purses, and of course, suits for red carpet appearances. Following I will show to you some of this outfits, casual and formal.

David Beckham Street Fashion Style
Casual Outfit. We can spot the sunglasses and the hat he wears.
David Beckham Street Fashion Style
Also a casual outfit. David with his daughter.
David Beckham Street Fashion Style
Beckham family. Formal outfits, always a model.

Still, his most recognized element of his wardrobe are his distressed jeans, of which he likely has many, many pairs. We can see almost on every of his casual outfits that he like denim, like, a lot. Do you want to look like him? Get some jeans like his, a T-shirt and usually a cardigan or a denim shirt, but still the Beckham dressing way is much more complex and as David shown us, the possibilities are endless. Though, I pretty sure that you won’t find his regular outfits in any store, he is one of a kind in my opinion and so are his clothes.

More of his outfits:

David Beckham Street Fashion Style
This year it’s about layers, watch how he beautifully combined all those clothes.
David Beckham Street Fashion Style
David wearing one of his scarfs.
David Beckham Street Fashion Style
David and Victoria Beckham at Simon Fuller’s birthday party in London.

He is a successful man, I think the only way he could become more successful is if he finds a cure for cancer. Through his football career he achieved more than most players could ever dream of, winning 6 Premier League titles, 2 FA Cups, Champions League crown with Manchester United, and La Liga title with Real Madrid. In 2003 and 2004, he was Google’s most searched athlete.

Indeed, David Beckham represents a style icon and a person of outstanding character.