Here are 15 Deadliest Assassins in All-Time History

28 November 2016

They are responsible for several deaths throughout history. And they are the deadliest assassins in the world.

For years, decades, and even centuries, humans have been fighting for peace. But we cannot forget the fact that sometimes the fight for peace turns into war itself. Peace has become a product of luxury which not everybody can afford. And sometimes, when things don’t go their ways, humans turn to their dark side. Thus, these deadliest assassins surfaced.

They may be criminals who kill on their own will. They might have committed crime of passion like some of the most wanted criminals. But most of them are paid to do so. Through contract killing, these deadliest hit-men took others’ life.

It is common that contract killing is associated with organized crime or vendetta. It takes two to make it happen. One party is the one with intention to kill. And the other one is one of these most dangerous assassins.

We researched through some notable cases and found these fifteen hit-men. They are considered to be the most dangerous. So, here are the history’s deadliest assassins in no particular order.

15. Abe Reles (1906 – 1941)

Here are 15 Deadliest Assassins in All-Time History | #15. Abe Reles (1906 - 1941)
Here are 15 Deadliest Assassins in All-Time History | #15. Abe Reles | source: gettyimages.com

Back in the 1930s, there was a crime organization called Murder Inc. in New York, United States. It acted as the enforcement arm of Italian-American mafia and Jewish mob. And Abe Reles was considered as the most feared hit-man for this organization.

Known as Kid Twist, Abe had shown his criminal side since he was a teenager. He was first arrested for stealing $2 (around $25 today) worth of gum. And even though Abe was small, he did not hesitate to commit ruthless acts of violence. His weapon of choice was an ice pick. So, most of his victims died of cerebral hemorrhage.

Convicted for a number of murders, Abe chose to cooperate. He became the government’s informant and was responsible for sending several other most wanted assassins to electric chair.

Abe did elude the electric chair himself. But unfortunately, he could not elude death. Under police custody, somehow Abe was killed and fell through a window. And it is believed that the hit was placed by Albert Anastasia’s people, since Abe was set to testify against him.

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