Deadliest Foods In The World | Top 10

8 August 2014

Deadliest Foods In The World | Top 10

If you were wondering which are the Deadliest Foods In The World, here you go, a top 10 of it!

Humans are one of the few creatures on this planet that choose to ignore their instincts. That’s probably why we do crazy stuff like jump off of cliffs, trains, buildings, from an airplane and swim with sharks occasionally…

We push ourselves to the edge and back to set records or just get a dose of adrenaline.

Yet testing these limits is what makes us feel more human, it gives us the occasion to discover our own potential, be aware of what we’re capable of and what we’re not.

Potential when it comes to opening a parachute in mid air or soaring above the skies…..and eat the most bizarre and dangerous dishes a man can make for dinner!

What are the most poisonous foods? And why do humans dare to take a bite?

10.Apricot Seeds

Yes, you’ve heard right, apricot seeds!

Seeds from plums, cherries, peaches, almonds and even apples contain cyanogenetic glycosides, which if you ingest  release hydrogen cyanide.

This is probably the least poisonous food on this list since you have to roast the apricot seeds to make them safe for consumption.

As for the apple seeds, you would probably need to ingest tremendous amounts to actually die.

10.Apricot Seeds | Deadliest Foods In The World | Top 10
10.Apricot Seeds | Deadliest Foods In The World | Top 10
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