10 Celebs Ellen Made Famous

9 April 2016

These people became famous after their debut on Ellen.

Having the talent is simply not enough to earn money. First thing you have to do is to be discovered. Some of the celebrities you know were discovered through their debut on Ellen show.

The Ellen DeGeneres show debuted on September, 2003. It is an American TV talk show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, commonly known as a comedian. You may recognize her as the voice of Dory, the fish who suffered from short-term memory lost. Just keep swimming.

The show is still on air until today. You can watch it on NBC channel in United States or Lifetime channel in Asia. The Ellen show will keep going at least until 2020 as it has been recently renewed for 3 additional seasons.

In its 13 years of broadcast, the show featured a lot of new talents discovered on social media such as YouTube. Of course, a breakthrough debut on national TV would really help boosting your fame. Take a look at these 10 celebrities who started off with debut on Ellen.

10. Justin Bieber

Debut on Ellen DeGeneres Show Made Them Rich and Famous Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber on Ellen | source: youtube.com

“Is it too late now to say… thank you?”

Justin Bieber was discovered by a talent manager on YouTube. He first performed on Ellen on November 2009 just before he released his first album.

It was his first performance on national TV. He admitted that his success on selling the first album would have not been the same if it wasn’t for his debut on Ellen.

Since then, Justin often appeared on Ellen show. Earlier this year, Ellen made a special Bieber week on her show where he appeared in every episode during the entire week.

Ellen might not have discovered him directly. But she gave Justin the opportunity to promote his first album on national TV.

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