Thomas Cup 2016: The Story Behind Denmark’s victory

23 May 2016

The Scandinavian lifted the ultimate Men’s Badminton trophy, Thomas Cup, on last May 22nd. What is the story behind the victory?

Just a few days ago, the 29th Thomas Cup was held in Jiangsu, China. Named after its founder, George Alan Thomas, it is the World Men’s Team Championship between 16 best nations.

Denmark is among the few European countries appeared on this tournament. Compared to other sports, badminton is not so popular in Europe.

There are five matches in each head-to-head round of Thomas Cup. It starts with men’s singles match. Then, it is followed by men’s doubles match. The first one winning three matches is the winner. The Danish men’s team had to go through all five matches against Indonesia to clinch the title.

Throughout the match, the whole Danish supporters were on the edge for every single point they won. So, why is it such a big deal?

10. Denmark is the first-ever winner from outside of Asia

Denmark won the Thomas Cup. Why is It a Big Deal? | #10 They are the first-ever to win it from outside of Asia
Denmark won the Thomas Cup. Why is It a Big Deal? |#10 Denmark is the first-ever winner from outside of Asia | source: gettyimages.com

Badminton is well known as the sport of Asian. It should come as no surprise that Asian nations, such as Indonesia, China, and South Korea, have won prestigious badminton tournaments including Thomas Cup.

Denmark’s victory last week made it the first-ever Thomas Cup winner from outside of Asia. There have been only 17 non-Asia nations competing in Thomas Cup. Only three of them competed more than 10 times. They are Denmark, United States, and England.

Was it Denmark’s first appearance in the tournament? No. In fact, Denmark has the most appearances among any other nations.

The Thomas Cup was first held in 1949. Since then, Denmark has appeared for 29 times. Back in the very first tournament, Denmark was close to winning the title by finishing as the runner-up.

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