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13 March 2014

Designer Clocks And Watches | Fine Living

How long does it take you to figure out what hour it is when you look at your clock or watch? Probably not more than 5 seconds.

Well be prepared to stare at either of them for longer if you are using one of these Designer Clocks And Watches.

The innovative design of the clocks and watches requires a little extra effort in order to be read. But it’s all so colourful and fun that it does not really matter, does it?

Some of them even require explanations, because it is not so easy as you think. So let’s have a look at these hard-to-read Designer Clocks And Watches.

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This clock is developed by Anna Marinenko as a tribute to Japan.

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This domino structure clock is inspired by Japan as well. The pieces of domino change their structure according to hour (first piece) and minutes (last two pieces).

Let’s have a look at how the clock actually works!

Designer Clocks And Watches | Fine Living

These designer clocks are fun and chic, but not so easy to read as they seem.

They seem like they can be used only for décor, but somewhere (deep down) there is a sense to it!

Designer Clocks And Watches | Fine Living

The clock’s design is minimal and effective and uses the same mechanism as common clocks.

The coloured wheels of the watches not only give the time but also an aesthetic means of diversion. How long would it take you to read the time on that watch?

Designer Clocks And Watches | Fine Living

Subtle and minimal, the white watch is based on the magnification of the numbers as time passes.

The retro coloured watch bears something that’s a little flash forward. Its gentle gradation of colour delights the eye as the minimal indicators of time intrigue the mind.

 Would you be able to read any of these Designer Clocks And Watches? 

Let us know in the comments below what you think of the amazing clocks and watches and don’t forget to share it with your friends!