Dianna Agron for Galore magazine

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Dianna Agron for Galore magazine

Recent photo-shoot of Dianna Agron for Galore magazine is real amazing! Pictures were taken by  Ellen Von Unwerth for Galore magazine winter issue. You may know her from TV  series “Glee” and/or the new movie “The Family”, where she plays next to Michelle Pfeiffer  and Robert De Niro.

Also you may have seen Dianna portray Brandon Flowers of  the Killer in their video “Just Another Girl“.

She did a complete interview about her future album, plans for the next year and her beauty secrets. Some of them you can read next!

You have no idea she is a fan of The Killers? Well she did say this about them:

Dianna Agron for Galore magazine

Playing Brandon Flowers in their ten year anniversary video was so damn cool. For a few reasons. When I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my big dreams, Hot Fuss, their first album, was out. I would blast “Smile Like You Mean It” while driving over the canyons. Sing “Mr. Brightside” at the top of my lungs on a night out with friends. I can’t believe it’s been a decade of residing in LA and having the Killers in my life. I’ve seen them once in concert, it was in Hyde Park, and I ended up backstage with a few friends plus another crew, which included Prince Harry, Beatrice and Eugenia. Usually I would not choose to be backstage at a concert, but this one was something different. It was sprinkling, and the audience did not care. Thousands upon thousands of the most hardcore fans danced together in this beautiful manner. It was like two shows were happening at once, the boys onstage and the crowd below. Thankfully, the day of the shoot was just as good as I could have imagined. The boys are funny, sweet and self deprecating, Plus Warren Fu, our director is a true talent. It made me so very happy. “

Dianna Agron for Galore magazine

You knew she grow up in Bay Area? Read what she said about Bay Area:

“Growing up in the Bay…truly some of my fondest moments. Burlingame isn’t the biggest nor is it the smallest town. I think 32,000 people, or at least around that then. Our community was accepting, nurturing, it is one of the best places to be raised. I lived for music, and concerts…sometimes I would have to say I was at a sleepover and really be at a show. There we’d be, in the mosh pit, despite my small frame, getting bruises, crowd surfing, you name it. Then I’d go to ballet class after school and have to cover up my concert wounds. Silly harmless rebellion, things like that. Sneaking out of the house to meet your friends in the park at 2 A.M. But it was a safe neighborhood, and really, we were just in seek of a thrill. The good old fashioned kind. Sometimes it worries me that innocence is lost too early. Kids trying to grow up too fast. I am glad I wasn’t one of them.”

This blonde bombshell mentioned her planes for the next year saying she has new projects and is planning to make new travels. Plus she talked about the sadness of emotional loss in 2013 and she hopes the 2014 will be a year challenging for her.

Dianna Agron for Galore magazine

She also have new project comming in 2014A Conspiracy on Jekyll Island” but since then you can watch her (if you haven’t already) in the role of Belle Blake in the movie “The Family” as it’s due to come out on Blu-Ray and DVD next week, December 17th.

Dianna Agron for Galore magazine

She give some beauty tips on how you can maintain some stunning blonde locks like she does.

“To maintain my blonde locks the purple shampoo is key. And there’s this detangler brush from London, it’s genius. It’s like five dollars and you can find them in Boots and things like that. It’s a genius thing and I panic if ever I think I’ve lost it. I’m a sucker for anything that saves time in regards to grooming.”

You can pick up the new Dianna Agron for Galore magazine issue cause is now available for you to read about this cute blonde gril!

Dianna Agron for Galore magazine

What do you think of Dianna Agron for Galore magazine? I think you should go and buy the magazine and tell us your opinion about the interview plus the comments about this article in the comments!


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