Luxury Champagne Glass – DIG Imperial

3 March 2014

Luxury Champagne Glass – DIG Imperial

Champagne is a drink best known for its sophistication and class, and truth be told, it is a very popular drink for a lot of intellectual and high-society individuals that have a flair for life and have a taste for quality.

We start this article with the statement that fine champagne needs an equally fine glass. So we’re here to present you one of the most expensive luxury champagne glass, the DIG Imperial.

Austrian glass artist and designer Tobias Berger and Natascha Marx have partnered up to create the world’s most luxurious glassware.

There are two main types: the pure, which has the diamond in clear glass, or the black edition, where the backside of the diamonds is embedded in black colored glass and the diamond has the ‘diamonds against black velvet’ effect.

“The stem of the glass is exquisitely handmade of 180g gold with extreme care by the company Tauerngold.”

The Pure

Luxury Champagne Glass - DIG Imperial

Luxury Champagne Glass - DIG Imperial The hand-made Luxury Champagne Glass – DIG Imperial feature 180 grams of yellow gold. However, the highlight of this plain and classy glass sits at the sole of the foot cup.

Set at the stem is a stunning 8.1 carat diamond. Their Diamonds in Glass technique makes it possible to unite diamonds with glass at 1.200 °C.

The Black Edition

Luxury Champagne Glass - DIG Imperial

Luxury Champagne Glass - DIG Imperial

The pieces are made of borosilicate glass which has a melting point of around 1.200 ºC, whereas diamonds burn at a temperature of about 800 ºC.

The glass blower introduces the diamond into the viscous glass mass and places it in the desired position. The diamonds are partly set into the golden stem by hand, and partly implemented according to the Diamond in Glass process.

The Price

The Luxury Champagne Glass – DIG Imperial comes at the price of €65.000/ $85,500 So what do you think, would you buy them?  What champagne would you pour in them?


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