15 Disciplines to Have in Life

7 March 2021

Discipline Is Essential to Live a Successful Life. Read on to Find Out How to Live a More Disciplined Life.

Hello Aluxers and welcome back to a highly valuable Sunday Motivational article because this time we’re looking at Disciplines that help create a successful life.

If you’ve been raised in an – let’s be polite about this – “developing” family, the word discipline might have physical connotations, but that’s not what this is about.

Discipline: means order and the ability to organize specific elements of your life with a strategic long term purpose.

Discipline allows you to build yourself sustainably!

It’s what those who do not desire to leave their lives to chance will always use as a better option.

As always, here is the video version of this article:

With that said, here are 15 disciplines you should have in life.


Discipline Your Thoughts

We’ve learned that:

Everything we do begins with a neural spark inside the brain, your thoughts -quite literally- dictate your future.

Did you ever take the time to monitor what’s going on in your mind during the day? You’ll be shocked by the things you’ll find yourself thinking about and how much buzz is there in the first place.

You have the power to discipline your mind through practice and to focus it on the important things you need it to solve.

Your mind is a gold mine, only the gold is buried under all that noise. Disciplining your thoughts, is then a sure-shot way of concocting a successful life.


Discipline Your Mornings

We’ve learned that:

People who discipline their mornings almost get an extra day worth of work in.

You have the power to jumpstart the day. As with everything on this list, small actions compound over extended periods of time.

If you get 1 small thing done every morning, in a year you would’ve achieved 360 things more than everyone else, assuming you work the same as them the rest of the day. 

That’s the power of disciplining your mornings!

In order to discipline your life, you need to start your morning right. Check out 15 Things to Stop Doing When You Wake Up.


Discipline Your Friendships

We’ve learned that:

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the friendships you establish along the way.

So then if the friendships are managed well, it can help you create a successful life. What if we told you that your life will be almost the same as the ones of your friends? 10 to 15% variation.. Would you be happy?

We are social creatures and our social environment is the foundation of building our future life. 

Hang out with losers and you will be a loser yourself. 

You don’t realise this, but you are tied to your friends like a boat tied to other boats. Which is why they call it a “Friendship” – if all these boats are going one way and you’re going another, they will drag you in the direction they’re heading in. We love to think that our boat will manage to paddle faster and bring everyone with us, but that’s not what happens.


Discipline Your Environment

We’ve learned that:

We are the bi-product of the environment we grow in, as much as a flower needs the right soil to blossom.

Few people understand that they can choose to change their environment and it’s quite easy to do so. Even more so, a change in environment has immediate impacts on the way you experience life. 

It starts with the room you spend most of your time in, then your home, then what you see when you look out the window.

Your environment is one of the deepest ingredients of who you are, so make sure you find a good one.


Discipline Your Goals

We’ve learned that:

We become what we are willing to go after, yet most people settle for what is convenient.

Too many people settle for too little, not because they wouldn’t want more, but because they don’t know how to get more. This limits them from crafting the most successful life possible.

The main reason why most successful people achieve success is because: they make it their goal to get there. 

For them the goal isn’t success, it’s specific a specific target, a specific number, a specific lifestyle.. That’s been deconstructed and built one brick at a time for years. 

Success is a bi-product of hitting your personal goals!

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Discipline What You Consume

We’ve learned that:

Who we are runs on the fuel we put into ourselves, into our bodies, into our minds and into our souls.

The better your inputs the better your outputs.

You want to be treated as an adult, you better start making decisions as an adult. 

You eat food because it serves the purpose of health, not that of taste.

You consume content because it helps you grow, not as entertainment.

Of course entertainment and desert have their place in our lives, but too many people only consume the desert – in its many forms of consumption. The brutal truth they eventually find out is that desert doesn’t get you the gains you were shooting for.


Discipline Your Desires

We’ve learned that:

Desire is a contract you make with yourself to not be happy until the desire is fulfilled!

One should pick their desires very carefully, for desires are very strong. We are overwhelmed by desires and the more desires we have the less we actually can achieve. This is one of the keystones of creating a successful life. 

If you want to be successful in life, pick very few desires and go after them with all you’ve got. 

Your end goal is to be desire-free, to have everything you need and not feel like you need anything else. 


Discipline Your Addictions

We’ve learned that: 

Addictions are a trade you make with the world where in exchange for temporary pleasure you give them a part of you!

The problem with the trade lies in the word “temporary”. You are sacrificing long term results for short term pleasure. It doesn’t take too many as such trades before there’s nothing left for you to trade as life will take everything from you. 

Addiction – in any form – is detrimental to your well-being. Identify it in its beginning stages and find ways to remove the cancer from your life – even if it will require professional help. Temporary discomfort and some money for a life addiction-free.. That’s a trade you should always make.


Discipline Your Body

We’ve learned that:

The average person has thousands of desires, a sick person has only one!

It’s shocking the kind of impact, health and body can have on one’s reality. Too many times people end up with unhealthy bodies and because of it their life is sub-par. 

Your body weight limits your ability to live certain experiences. 

Your organs are working overtime to keep things going. 

The pandemic has put a big spotlight on just how vulnerable our bodies are, where it went down hard on everyone who has not disciplined their body. Let it be your wake-up call. Get yourself a strong body if you want to create a successful life.


Discipline Your Progress & Growth

We’ve learned that:

The feeling of being alive comes from growth, the moment the growth stops you begin to die!

Your life can consistently get better.. If you make it your goal to become better consistently.

Most people believe their education ends with school – yet everyone agrees schools no longer educate you for the real world, so what is one to do. 

Growth, progress and education have become individual activities, by being here on a Sunday, you are taking part in an educational program with tens of thousands of other people at the same time. Coming back every Sunday, builds and reinforces those building blocks on which your life stands on. 

But there are levels even to self-help. You see, most people fall in the trap of content consumption. They consume self-help the same way others binge watch old tv-shows. 

At one point you need to follow through on what you’re learning. 

We must be impatient with our actions and patients with results!

We found the reason people don’t do this is because they don’t know where to start specifically. 

That was the foundation on which we built GOAL MASTERY. It’s not a theoretical product, it’s a direct challenge to you to follow specific actions and see what results they get you. 

If you find yourself educated, but don’t know where to start to actively make your life better, start by going to goalsbyalux.com right now and enroll in Goal Mastery.

Every year we invest great amounts of money into personal growth, because it allows us to compound on the progress we’ve already made & We’ve never had a bad year because of it. 

Goal Mastery will be the best money you’ll ever spend this year!


Discipline the Way People Perceive You

We’ve learned that:

We are what we think other people think we are!

We live in this perception driven world, where we all present ourselves in order to serve personal purposes, such as being liked, being accepted, climbing the ladder to a goal we find fitting – or that society has told us it holds in high regard.

One should discipline the way they present themselves to the world for that is the only way the world will remember who you are.


Discipline Your Impact

We’ve learned that:

The value of an individual is determined by what he leaves behind not when he’s gone, but when he’s alive!

Or to put it in simpler terms: be good now!

People think it takes a great deal of money to do charity, because the media only publishes the stories involving a lot of zeroes, but that’s not where the bulk of the impact comes from.

It comes from small interactions, little actions that have small but effective ripple effects in local communities. 

Discipline yourself to have an impact at the scale you have right now. If you’re not kind when you’re poor, it’s unlikely you’ll be kind when you’re rich.


Discipline Your Inner Happiness

We’ve learned that:

Being happy or not is a choice we have to make every day!

One builds on happiness the same way they do with everything else on this list. It’s small and big steps altogether, but steps made consistently nonetheless.

The most valuable thing we’ve found is that happiness does not depend on other facts. 

Here’s a very important distinction:

The lack of resources can make you unhappy, but their presence doesn’t improve your happiness beyond the point of equilibrium.

Or put in simpler terms: money and material success will only get you to a 5 in happiness… from them to get to a 10 you have to put in the work yourself.


Discipline Your Sleep

We’ve learned that:

We’d rather spend time with people who’ve had 8 hours of sleep than with people who only slept for 4 hours!

There are two ways of approaching immediate goals and they depend on what is required for the goal to be achieved:

  1. If your goal can be achieved through direct volume of work, then do it. Sleep 4 to 5 hours per night, wake up early and put in as many hours as you can so you can get to your goal quickly. We’ve done this multiple times in the past.
  2. If your goal requires creative leaps, then sleep on it. For these type of goals one should train like an athlete, rest before the big race and give it all during the sprint session. It’s an explosion of productivity for very short periods of time followed by rest and training for the one coming up next.

In order to become successful if you’re starting from scratch, the first approach will get you better and more concrete results, but once you do make it out of the hole, we found that the second approach is more productive long term.


Discipline Yourself

We’ve learned that:

Nobody cares enough about you to make you the priority, so you have to make yourself the priority!

If you bring everything we’ve discussed so far together, you’ll find that it builds up into disciplining your actions and your choices. 

Without it, you’ll find that life can be a horrible place, filled with unfairness. 

Life seems unfair to those who live in the lives others have set for themselves. The moment you start living your own, everything happens because of you and you realise you’re getting exactly what you’re asking for.

Competing with yourself is the ultimate positive-sum game!

So do it!


Hopefully you’ve found plenty of gold nuggets buried in today’s special program which is why we’re passing the question onto you:

What is the hardest thing to discipline for you in order to build a successful life?

Let us know in the comments!