Discovering the Luxury Side Of Hong Kong

23 December 2016

Hong Kong is a very dynamic modern city, and by many it’s considered well worthy of its flattering moniker, The Pearl Of The Orient. It’s located on the Eastern Asia, bordering with China in the North. Hong Kong has seen significant development over the past 100 years. In 1841, its population counted only 7450 citizens, while today that number has passed 7,3 million inhabitants.

The British played a major role in Hong Kong’s development, and because of that, this city became a major financial and trading center, and also, a big touristic attraction. Besides its rich culture and history, Hong Kong is also a very luxurious place. More and more tourists are deciding to spend an amazing vacation here enjoying in many of its luxury destinations and locales.

Hong Kong is a city of contrasts. It can be either a cultural city or a modern metropolis, full of opulence and grandness. You can see that from the moment you set foot in Hong Kong. Its enormous skyscrapers, the extravagance of shopping areas, plethora of casinos and the luxury stores, confirms that you’re in a “high living” city.

The most interesting place where you can spend your vacation, is without any doubt the “Four Seasons” resort. Located in the middle of the financial center, this place is a true symbol of luxury and sumptuousness. Its rooms are decorated in an impressive way, featuring modern but still traditional Asian motifs and ornaments.

Most of the rooms provide a unique view over the Victoria Harbor. The Landmark Mandarin Oriental is another luxury resort, with large rooms and a lot of interesting facilities. They offer a lot of activities, anything from private gyms to Yoga and Pilates lessons.

Exploration Of Macau District

Besides its impressive hotels, Hong Kong its also known for its luxurious casinos. Some of the world’s most popular poker tournaments are held here. And the city is often compared with Las Vegas when it comes to gambling opportunities. Most of them are located in Macau, which is well known for its amazing casinos.

The Venetian Casino is without any doubt, the biggest casino here. The interior makes you feel like inside of a Oriental Las Vegas casino and it borrows many features from its “bigger sister”, the Las Vegas Venetian Casino. The stakes here are usually high, and only the top players are attending to try their luck here.

Cruising Around Hong Kong

While spending time in Hong Kong, renting a yacht is another great thing to experience. What can be more amazing than cruising on a luxurious boat around the South China Sea while admiring the overall landscape. It’s surely a unique experience.

Some renting companies also provide a full staff with the yacht, so you can have a personal waiter and keeper. This way, you don’t have to worry about anything and your only concern will be having a great time.

Experiencing Traditional Asian Wellness

The massage saloons represent another big attraction of Hong Kong. Most of the luxury facilities are located inside the hotels. These salons provide full wellness services, including spa and aromatherapy. So after a long day of wandering around the city, this is usually preferred way of relaxation, both physically and mentally.

Their massage experts are following many traditional techniques, which are practiced and perfected for centuries in these parts of the world, all to ensure unique and pleasant treatment for their guests.

Hong Kong is an interesting destination for people who are looking for luxurious experience in modern metropolis in East Asia. Weather you are interested in shopping, frequenting deluxe restaurants, cruising or just attending parties, be assured that this town will have you covered.