14 Questions with Disimba Tumblr Blogger Anthony V. Caruso

21 October 2015

14 Questions with Disimba Tumblr Blogger Anthony V. Caruso

Hello there, let’s meet Anthony Caruso, a 23-year-old man from Sacramento, California. We’ve talked about his blog yesterday, and now feels right to talk about the man behind it.

When he is not working as a merchendiser for Saks Fifth Avenue, he is a full-time father of a nine month old Husky.

His passions include going outdoors and taking pictures, and reading books in a clean, fresh air.

Living with his girlfriend in a suburb house was one of his dreams, and now after hard work, he made it happen.

Today, because he has been an inspiration for all of us since he started, back in 2010, we have asked Anthony to answer a few questions for us.

We’ve talked about everything, from Tumblr, to what inspires him, to his style and the things he loves. Let’s start with those questions, shall we?

14 Questions with Disimba Tumblr Blogger Anthony V. Caruso
14 Questions with Disimba Tumblr Blogger Anthony V. Caruso

1. Alux: We are here because of Tumblr, so I’ve got to ask: how did you find out about Tumblr?

Anthony: “I stumbled across Tumblr when I was in HighSchool, I remember a few kids having one and talk about how many followers he has and I thought that sounds like something I could do, and do better. Ends up being something I’m very into and still am.”

2. Alux: That’s great, but what made you chose Tumblr?

Anthony: “I chose Tumblr at first as a way of showcasing my aesthetics and standards on a clean little template, but then I chose tumblr in the long run because it was and is the best platform for sharing and spreading knowledge, art, and ideas across the entire globe.

You can be as open as you’d like, or as close minded as you like, and you could share that thought with someone who lives on the complete opposite end of the Earth.”

3. Alux: What do you love the most about Tumblr?

Anthony: “I love all the new artists and unique people you can find on there. So many different ways to do things and so many complex thoughts and ideas. If we could all focus on one positive project together at a time we could get so much done for the world.

It’s also one of the best ways to get any news about ANYWHERE because we can guarantee that the news channels aren’t showing us everything we need to see.”

4. Alux: How would you describe your blogging style?

Anthony:My blog’s style stems from my own personal style where I like to step over boundaries and raise the bar; I don’t do trends, and I’m always finding new acquaintances and opportunities by keeping it straightforward and consistent.”

5. Alux: Where do you get your daily dose of inspiration?

Anthony: “I grab my inspiration from my past, and my jobs, I like to blend things together and with two jobs that are completely different in terms of style I end up with a totally new style and look.”

6. Alux: We have talked about the style you adopted on Tumblr, your blogging style, but what about your personal style? How would you describe your style?

Anthony: “My style is simple and to the point. I like to keep it classy but I don’t want you to think that I’m vanilla or plain Jane. I may be wearing a simple outfit but you failed to notice the orange watch strap and socks that tie to the outfit together like a Christmas present.”

7. Do you have any style icons? Give me an example

Anthony: “I do enjoy Kendrick Lamar’s style as of late but my dad wearing nothing but dark jeans, Adidas shelltoes or K-Swiss, and a crewneck tshirt in any weather was pretty much my style icon growing up and plays a huge part in my style today.

Owning a few items I keep very clean is what I am about, and I believe your outfit and style says a lot about you as a person.”

14 Questions with Disimba Tumblr Blogger Anthony V. Caruso

8. Alux: Tell me your favorite movie. Or at least a top three.

Anthony:“I read favorite movie and my head started to say about 10 different titles, 3 I think is manageable. 

In no order whatsoever my top 3 movies are : Friday, The Warriors, and Rush Hour 1 and 2. Ok that’s 4  I know but the last two come as a tiebreaker so I threw them both up there.”

|source: quotesgram.com| 14 Questions with Disimba Tumblr Blogger Anthony V. Caruso
|source: quotesgram.com| 14 Questions with Disimba Tumblr Blogger Anthony V. Caruso

9. Alux: Let’s get to the funnier questions. You know nowadays superheroes are so popular, so answer me this. If you could have any superpower for a day, what would it be?

Anthony: “I’d love to have the superpower to heal the injured, imagine being able to save the lives of those suffering every day.”

14 Questions with Disimba Tumblr Blogger Anthony V. Caruso |source: desktopwallpapers4.me|

10. Alux: If you could live for a day in the opposite sex body, what would be the first thing you do?

Anthony: “Haha I’ve never really been asked this question. If I had switched to a woman’s body first thing I would do is probably try on a flannel, leggings and some UGGs together and see what that hype is all about.”

We have a surprise for you Anthony:

disimba basic chick

11. Alux: I’ve been thinking about this question lately, and I think you’d like it. If you had everything, were would you put it?

Anthony: “Back where I found it.”

12. Alux: If we are at this subject, answer me this: If there was a movie about your life, who would play the main character?

Anthony: “Honestly, I’ve been told James Franco would play that part well and I would have to concur with that theory.”

|source: zimbio.com| 14 Questions with Disimba Tumblr Blogger Anthony V. Caruso

13. Alux: You know that ALux is a website specialized in finding and writing about luxury things. I have to ask: what does luxury mean to you?

Anthony: “Luxury to me means living life the best way possible, for you anyone can have luxury and be luxurious, they just have to find out what that is for themselves. You don’t gain luxury by sittin’ on the couch or computer all day.”

14. Alux: Now this interview must end, but not before I ask you if you have a question for ALux readers, for people reading about you now?

“If you and another person were wearing the same outfit, whose personal style do you think would wear it better? Don’t forget to Always own your outfits and make it unique to you.”

We have been thinking what is the best photo to describe disimba. And ended up choosing one that’s both sexy and is made outdoor, which are two things Anthony loves.

What do you think?

14 Questions with Disimba - Tumblr Blogger |source: 500px.com|
14 Questions with Disimba – Tumblr Blogger |source: 500px.com|

We have asked Anthony a lot of questions, now is your time to answer the question he asked you. Or you can submit your own question for this guy.