Dress for Comfortable Success in These Ridiculous New ‘Professional’ Sweatsuits

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Renegade basics brand Fruit of the Loom wants you to stay comfy and cozy all the time, whether you’re in the middle of a business meeting or heading to a rodeo. To that end, they’re releasing a limited-edition “Professionals Collection” of themed sweatsuits that have the trompe l’oeil appearance of a crisp, multi-piece ensemble, but in reality are basically just pajamas.

You can choose from a seersucker style, pinstriped business suit, country club look (including a faux sweater tied over the shoulders), or—for a really ridiculous fake-out—the “Corporate Cowboy” suit, which comes with printed-on bolo tie, outsized belt buckle, and cowboy boot tops on the bottom half of the pant legs. (You’ll have to buy your own real boots to match the illustration, should you wish to complete the illusion of rugged Western style.) The all-important hat is also up to you.

The limited run of two-piece sweatsuits go on sale on Thursday, Nov. 17 and will be $49.99 a pop. Too bad Halloween is already over. On the bright side, the elastic waistband might be ideal for dealing with expansive holiday season dinners. And at least these aren’t onesies.

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