10 Dresses Every Woman Should Own

12 March 2014

10 Dresses Every Woman Should Own

Let’s take a look at the 10 Dresses Every Woman Should Own.

Call me old-fashioned, but I still believe that the most elegant woman in the room is wearing a dress. They come in all shapes and colors, all lengths and sizes and we just can’t get enough of them. A dress enhances a women’s beauty, it defines her beautiful shapes and gives her a classy touch wherever she is. If you are reading this and feel like you don’t have enough dresses in your closet, I suggest you start with those on this list:

 A little white dress10 Dresses  Every Woman Should Own

You should forget the myth that white is just for skinny girls or just for the summer season. A white dress can make an incredible appearance if wore it with the right accessories. It can brighten your whole outfit and make you really stand out. Plus, there are amazing color combinations you can try with a white dress. For instance, wear it with red shoes or belt.

A little black dress10 Dresses  Every Woman Should Own

The classic, all-mighty black dress strikes again. They have said it enough, but I will say it again: you just can’t go wrong with a black dress. A simple black dress can get you out of a lot of trouble. You can build a formal look or a sexy one depending on the accessories. Ad some pearl earrings and you will be ready for any classy party, or ad some colorful high-heels and you are ready for clubbing.

A bombshell dress10 Dresses  Every Woman Should Own

Every woman should have at least one super sexy dress that shows what an amazing body she has. And I am not talking about showing skin, but about leaving the best bits up to the imagination. You can go for a hot cleavage, a mini dress or one that fits perfectly on your curves, but never all of them. You want it to be sexy not cheesy.

A floral printed dress10 Dresses  Every Woman Should Own

There are numerous prints from which to choose, so you will definitely find one that suits your taste. Don’t try to avoid this kind of colorful dresses. If you are not that bold, go for smaller ditsy florals, you will see how feminine it will make you feel.

A knee-length tailored dress10 Dresses  Every Woman Should Own

Take the example of Kate Middleton and her neat-and-tidy dresses. You don’t need to be a royalty in order to wear a dress like this. With an interesting necklace and a beautiful purse you can be the fancy one at you work place or you can even wear it at a cocktail party.

A long dress10 Dresses  Every Woman Should Own

You cannot ever know when you will be invited at formal soirée, a gala night on a cruise or a black-tie wedding. The slip dress silhouette works best on tall, lithe figures. It you are not that tall go for a solid color head-to-toe.

A summer dress10 Dresses  Every Woman Should Own

A flirty summer dress is something we all need. On a steamy summer night, put on a light colorful dress, a pair of flat sandals or dress up with jewelry and some high heels and go out. When winter comes, be creative and wear the same dress with a cute cardigan and tights.

A lace dress10 Dresses  Every Woman Should Own

Lace is becoming more and more elegant and a lace dress can be worn in every season. Try a cute white one in the summer and a deep-purple one when autumn comes.

A neon dress10 Dresses  Every Woman Should Own

A neon dress best advantage is that when you are wearing it you can keep everything else simple. Its bright color should be your principal accessory. Just find the right dress, the right color and believe me when I say that you will look like a million dollars.

A leather dress10 Dresses  Every Woman Should Own

Leather has something so sexy about it that by wearing it you will become the femme fatale in the room. It takes courage to wear a leather dress and you have to be very careful not to over-accessorize it, but you will be the center of attention anywhere you go. In a good way, in a great way.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and make sure you look astonishing in every single one of these dresses.