15 Things You Learn Being a Driver for Rich People

27 May 2021

Being a Driver for the Rich Means Spending a Lot of Time with Them. Here’s What You Can Learn While Driving Them Around.

Who you hang around with, is key to your own success. If you drive the rich, you’re going to pick up some solid advice and guidance on the trips you take. Soak it in, the good and the bad and let’s find out 15 Things You Learn Being a Driver for Rich People.

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The Rich Be-Friend Equally Successful People

Aluxers, if you’re driving the rich around, one thing you’ll notice is that the company they keep is on par with themselves. They’re not driving around with loser friends who get involved with the next big thing or are trying to peddle off some get-rich-quick idea.

They’re reliable, dependable and respected businesspeople themselves with similar values to the person you’re driving.


As a Driver of the Rich, You’re Part of the Team

It’s the same as working for any company. You’ve got your CEO at the top, your managers and your employees. But you’ve also got your ground staff, your cleaning lady, the drivers and your maintenance staff.

Every person works together to make that company run efficiently. Every person is important.

The same applies for being a driver of the rich. You learn that you are part of their team, because for that rich person to perform well, he needs to get from point A to B in one piece, arrive at the right time and in a good frame of mind.

If you’re a reckless driver, veering between lanes and cursing at every error you witness on the road, suffice to say, the poor guy will arrive at his meeting thinking he would have been better off walking there!


You Learn That Wealth Brings Freedom

We’ve said this so many times, Aluxers. Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it does buy freedom. Freedom of choice is something not enough people have.

When you’re driving the rich around, this is one aspect of being wealthy that will be crystal-clear. You won’t need to check your bank balance to decide whether you can stop for a bite to eat, in fact, you can choose from any restaurant in the city to wine and dine in.

You won’t need to do some quick calculations on your mobile phone to see if you can afford to purchase a new pair of sneakers, you can go and buy any pair your heart desires.

And those are just basic examples. Rich people are less stressed passengers, because they don’t need to worry about debit orders bouncing at month end or how they’re going to afford their rent.

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They Find a Way to Make Things Work Out

Rich people also face challenges every day. When you drive them around, you hear everything that’s going on. The good, the bad and the challenges.

So, while you’re paying attention to traffic lights and little old ladies crossing the road, you’re also listening in on how the wealthy overcome their challenges.

It could be anything – a deal has fallen through or Covid has affected an entire office floor – a rich person will make sure that the problem is dealt with quickly and efficiently.


Rich People Are Very Aware Of Their Lot in Life

Chris Rock said, “Wealth is not about having a lot of money, it is about having a lot of options…” and for that Aluxers, the wealthy and rich are grateful.

They know that they’re privileged, and they know they have a lot to be thankful for. Having said that, they are also aware of how hard they worked to get there, and that success takes time, effort and commitment.


Time Is Their Most Valuable Resource

Capable Wealth says “rich people buy time and poor people waste time.” As a driver of the wealthy, here’s what you’ll notice and learn. The wealthy are not scrolling social media while they’re going from one place to another. They’re seeking out new opportunities, they’re preparing for a meeting, going over an important document or just spending a few minutes re-grouping.

They never make the excuse of not having enough time. There is enough time, it’s how you use it that makes all the difference.

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The Rich Want Their People to Move Up

Of course, rich people need their drivers, but that doesn’t mean they want their drivers to be stuck in that job for their entire life.

It’s a steppingstone to something better. A solid start to meeting new people, being exposed to new ideas and opportunities and getting your name out there.

And the rich realize that and if you, as the driver, show a willingness to learn, show integrity and commitment, they’d be only too happy to open a door or two for you…


They Say “No” … Often

As we said, you’ll hear everything when you drive the wealthy around and the word “no” will become a word you hear often.

Rich people know when to use it. They’re not afraid to use it and they’re certainly not worrying about what people think of them when they do use it.

In our video, 15 Massive Signs You’re Actually Further Ahead Than You Think, we mentioned that you’re on the right track when you’re learning to say no, without having the guilt attached to it. Rich people do it all the time, so learn from them, and start saying no a little more often.

Steve Jobs once said, “… Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things.”


They’re Proactive

Many may think that sex, models, drugs and booze are the norm when driving around the super wealthy… but they’d be wrong.

That’s not to say those things don’t happen but that’s not what we’re focused on here.

Rich people are not waiting around for good things to happen to them, they’re making them happen for themselves.

On getrichslowly.org, J.D. Roth points out that rich people believe they’re the creators of their own destiny, whereas poor people believe that life happens to them.


You Learn to Be Mindful

We mentioned that wealth gives you options and peace of mind but getting to that point can take its toll.

When you’re driving the rich, you’ll grow to understand that even the most successful people can struggle with stress and anxiety, but they’ve got solid coping mechanisms in place.

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The Rich Keep Expanding Their Knowledge

They have a passion for learning and reading, and their reading material helps them grow, and expand their knowledge.

One thing you’ll quickly notice about a rich person when driving them around is their vocabulary. They have a wide range of words and aren’t afraid to use them. That is greatly attributed to reading.


Rich People Manage Their Emotions

 Forbes released 5 ways the rich differ from the not rich:

  1.       The rich are emotionally more stable, and less neurotic.
  2.       The rich are especially extraverted.
  3.       The rich are more open to new experiences.
  4.       The rich are less agreeable, which means they less likely to shy away from conflicts.
  5.       The rich are more conscientious.

And it’s point number one that we refer to. When you drive the rich around, you realize that they’re stable individuals. They don’t fly off the handle and lose respect in the process. They’re level-headed and set a good example in the way they handle their emotions.


The Wealthy Admire the Wealthy

One thing you’ll quickly learn when you drive the wealthy around, is that they admire other’s who have built up wealth. They are not jealous of another’s success, but rather use that as an opportunity to learn and to better themselves.

They realize that there is more than enough wealth to go around and just because someone else is successful, doesn’t take away from their own success.

Instead, they may start thinking of ways to incorporate that person and their success into their own business dealings where a business relationship could be beneficial to both parties.  


The Wealthy Prefer to Create Memories Than Focus On Material Items

Experiences have been called the secret to happiness according to Forbes and the rich agree. As a driver it won’t take long for you to learn that the rich are not going out and wasting their money on every designer and luxury item they can afford. Instead, they’re taking trips to Croatia, spending time with the family at Martha’s Vineyard, or boarding the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express and taking friends from London to Venice.

That’s not to say they don’t own those luxury items, but they’re not the main focus.

Experiences create memories and as the driver, you’ll be dropping them off at the airport, driving them across country or maybe, if you’re lucky, being invited along.


The Rich Listen to Their Drivers

Rich people keep their ear to the ground. They want to get up to date with what is happening and are always open to new opportunities.

When they’re spending time with you in the car, they’re eager to hear what you have to say. You could be giving them their next billion-dollar idea without you even realizing it!

And who knows? You could find yourself partnering with your boss on an idea that you thought of and end up employing a driver for yourself in the not-too-distant future.


Aluxers, what lesson do you believe is the most valuable you can learn from driving the rich? We’d love to hear from you.