Dulceida (Aida Domenech) – Fashion Icon

4 March 2014

Dulceida – Fashion Icon

If you are blogger or you just like keeping up with fashion, you must have heard of her, but for those of you who didn’t until now, today I present you Aida Domenech or Dulceida.

Yes, even though everybody knows her by her catchy blogger name, her real name is Aida Domenech – to be totally honest I have just found this out myself – and she is Spanish.

Describing herself as “another amateur fashion girl”, Dulceida surely knows how to dress. With her red lips as a trademark and her perfectly shaded ombre hair, she is not an amateur at all!

Dulceida - Fashion Icon

Interested in fashion, the young blogger loves to spend her free time on the internet, looking for inspiration.

And that we can see in her outfits for sure! Dulceida has a fresh new look every single time.

A fan of tattoos, our fashion icon has no less than 9 words and drawings on her body.

Her tattoos are personal and fun, such as “happiness” below the breast, a heart on the back to represent love and friendship, the skyline of New York, a bird, the word “brave”, 3 XXX’s and a spider – even though she is afraid of them.

Dulceida - Fashion Icon

Aida Domenech has a classy tomboy style and she is a constant presence at fashion shows around the world.

Big lover of hats, she never stops to amaze and seduce us with interesting and well-thought outfits.


Having some experience as a stylist, her dream job is to be a actress.

I’m full of emotions and I like to know how to control them, take them off and work with them.

Dulceida - Fashion Icon

We definitely love Dulceida’s style!

Let us know what you think about her outfits in the comments below!