15 Dumb Things Only Bought by Rich People

11 June 2021

Sometimes the Rich Make Such Dumb Purchases That Leave Everyone Speechless. Here’s a List of Some of Them.

As aspiring billionaires, we take a lot of inspiration from what the super-rich are getting up to… but this isn’t one of those lists. This is a list of 15 of the dumbest things only bought by rich people as waste of money.

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Reading this long article till the end is quite a dumb thing to do. Skip it and switch out to the video version of this article:

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“I’m Rich” App Downloads

If you head on over to the app store on your phone and search “I am rich paid app”, there you will behold a selection of apps that cost between $500 to $1000 just to download that proves you have money to waste. Yup that’s it. The worse thing is, if you just search “I am rich” there are a bunch of free poser apps too.

Some Apps have more than 50 thousand downloads. That means there are some true geniuses making millions from selling empty real estate.

If you are looking to download some actual useful apps, check out 15 Apps That Force You to Be More Productive


Diamond Swarovski Crystal Dog Bathtub

Move over golden showers, how about a crystal bath?

Posh Puppy Boutique felt this was exactly what the pet market needed. For $6,995 your pooch can bathe in a Swarovski encrusted ball and claw tub, bejewelled with 45,000 of the name brands crystals.

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An Entourage

When a daughter of an Indian billionaire’s daughter set off to St Andrew’s University in Scotland, her parents wanted her to have the royal experience. Forget a shared dorm room, they bought their darling a Scottish mansion and staff to boot.

It looks more like an episode of Downton Abbey than a frat house, with 12 members on the team of staff including 3 house keepers, a lady’s maid, and a house manager. Sounds like her undergrad majesty won’t need to rustle up ramen or lose socks at dodgy laundromats while she studies.


The Crystal Ergoripado Vacuum Cleaner

This one looks like your aunty went through that bedazzling phase and didn’t know when to stop.

If you have $19 thousand to drop for no particular reason, then this most unsensible vacuum cleaner is a must to waste your money, as purchased by the wealthy already.

There is nothing special about the performance of this machine, except for the fact that it is loaded with 3,730 Swarovski crystals. At this point you’re probably thinking, well I hope it at least has enough sucking power to pick up all the crystals it will inevitably shed as it knocks into table legs, or gets stuck around doorways, as you inevitably tug it along… We’re happy to say it does.

On a side note, with the amount of Swarovski Crystals frosting out there these days, are they still rare and valuable? Asking for a friend.


Million Dollar Fishing Lure

If you think sinking your money into a bad business idea is a waste of money, then how about literally trading a million dollars for a sinker?

Well, that’s a dream that MacDaddy Fishing Lures can make come true. The foot-long “lure” is made of 3 pounds of platinum and gold, encrusted with 4,753 diamonds and rubies making up 100 carats in total!  For $1 million dollars… Go Fish!

One thing’s for sure, this is NOT the one you let get away.


Diamond Teabag

If you thought the British obsession with tea wasn’t real, then brew on this one. In celebration of 75 years of PG Tips Tea Brand, Boodle’s jewellers put together 280 diamonds to create a $14, 000 tea bag to mark the occasion. Thankfully, it was part of a charity auction to raise funds for children’s charities, or we would have had a whole bunch more to say… sadly, we’re not sure of the identity of the purchaser.

If you like a little choccie with your tea, then partner it with another ludicrous price tag of $1,600 for a bar of Wispa Gold. Each bite is covered in edible goal leaf, with a gold leaf wrapper to match.

15 Dumb Things Only Bought by Rich People

If you want to poop glitterati but avoid the calories, stick around for an alternative option.


Human Parasol Holder

What do you get for the person who has everything? A slave of course! Well not quite a “Let my people go” kinda dealio, more a holding an umbrella over P Diddy in the South of France kinda thang.

In 2001 when the world was burning, US rapper Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs was sunning himself in St Tropez. To avoid getting too much solar rays on his skin, he had an assistant hold a white parasol over his head.

The pictures absolutely blew up, in the way things did in a pre-social media way, and Diddy’s assistant Fonzworth Bentley did too. He signed himself an MTV Show, released a hip-hop album, published an etiquette book and launch a line of umbrellas.


Gold Dildo – $15,000

If you think you couldn’t put a price on pleasure, now you can, and its $15,000 for the ultimate pleasure of a 24-karat gold plated dildo. The joke’s on you if you buy it though, cos if you own it or not, when you brag about it none of your friends are really going to ask you to prove you own it by showing them. The moment you realise you wasted $15,000 on a status symbol that no one will ever see: priceless.

Nothing says I love luxury brands like the latest in latex by Louis Vuitton. Suit up and practice safe sex with a Louis Vuitton Condoms for just $68 a pop. It’s quality you can feel!

15 Dumb Things Only Bought by Rich People waste money


Gold Shirt – $213,000

Nothing like a little retail therapy to Treat yo’self! But these garments take it to a whole other level.

For his birthday, Pankaj Tripathi, a Maharashta business politician commissioned himself a gold shirt for the occasion. The 4.5kg garment must have been itchy as he*l and required him to have full time bodyguard when he wore it.

Konquest created a Diamond Studded Hoodie worth $10,000. The bling doesn’t end with 4,000 Swarovski crystals, there is also a 3-carat diamond zipper pull and hand painted design.

15 Dumb Things Only Bought by Rich People



Ah childhood games, but these versions are not the kind you will let your kiddos get hold of.

How about an 18K gold and diamond encrusted Game Boy with a knockout price tag of $25,000. A little

If you prefer your games on a board, then a luxury Monopoly set might be right up your street. For $7,570 you can own streets of gold and silver set in real leather.

Or toss a frisbee if you fancy a flight of fantasy. Geoffrey Parker’s Leather Flying Disks cost upwards of $305.

But the ultimate gamble must be an 18-carat diamond Poker set valued at $7.5million.

Play with 4 packs of platinum plated decks of cards and place your bets with 384 18-carat white gold chips embellished with rubies, white and black diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires.


Buying Ridiculously Expensive Cars for Kids

If you want a sure-fire way to waste your money, then spend your dough on an expensive ride for your barely legal kid. Not only are luxury cars an all-round bad investment, Estate planning attorney, John NcManus points out why else it is a totally dumb idea… “A 21-year-old is still developing the frontal lobe of the brain where all the judgment and discerning ability lies.”

Now partner a powerful sport car with personalised plates and poor judgement and you have a mess made in heaven.

If you need guidance on what else is a waste of money, be sure to watch our video dedicated to that topic:


The Window from Where JFK Was Shot: $3 Million

If you aren’t satisfied with the view from your window, just buy a new window.

That’s what an anonymous eBay buyer did when he dropped $3 million on the depository window that Lee Harvey Oswald aimed and took the fatal shot to President John F. Kennedy. Pretty macabre way to waste your money.

But not as creepy as the person who spent $115,000 on a lock of Elvis Presley’s hair in 2002. These sorts of obscure costly purchases require a whole article all to themselves.


Gold Capsules

We promised we would provide a lo-cal way of making your poop glitter with gold. Welcome to the world of Gold Capsules.

For those who don’t feel like they get enough gold in their diet, Tobias Wong and Ju$tAnother Rich Kid bring us a gold dipped capsule filled with 24-karat gold leaf. For $425 a capsule your $h*t can glitter, but sadly it does nothing for the stink.

15 Dumb Things Only Bought by Rich People. waste money.

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Meerkat Nanny

Billionaire pets get a better lifestyle than most average humans do. But when a meerkat nanny was sought, we had to look into this.

Meerkats are pretty self-sufficient wild animals that live in arid, harsh environments and they somehow landed themselves the role of pet to a billionaire.

The Bespoke Bureau was given the task of finding each of their client’s baby meerkats two “butler-nannies” each. They’re a luxury recruitment agency providing staffing, meeting the unique needs of their billionaire clients, but even this one surprised them.


Luxury Ice Cubes

The ultimate in ludicrous luxury on this list has to go to frozen H2O. We’re not sure whether to cry or applaud this one, as a California-based company called Gläce Luxury Ice Co have carved out their own niche in high end ice cubes.

A block of the best will set you back about $6. That’s a block of hand carved, perfectly square ice that guarantees not to interfere with your premium drink’s taste.

Don’t think you can give one a try unless you want to buy in bulk, they come in bags of 50, and you won’t find them in the freezer at your local seven eleven.


Which of these dumb spends is secretly appealing to you? Be honest in the comments below.