10 Highest Earning Youtubers of 2020

19 December 2020

Ever Wondered How Much Money Your Favorite Youtubers Make per Video?

We love to watch them on the daily, and some have more likes than all the Kardashians combined. But it’s not just bragging rights that our favourite YouTubers are after. This year the average earnings of YouTubers reached a fever pitch as most of us were in lock down and longing for entertainment. 2020 was the year to be a Youtuber, and they have the dosh to prove it.

More surprising is the age of some of these stars, let’s hope their parents are managing their finance fairly, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

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Did somebody say YouTube? Here’s the YouTube upload for today’s topic:

With that dished up, let’s get right back to the article.


James Charles — $79,847 per Video

James Charles is best known for great make-up tutorials, and worst known for holding the record for losing over 1 million Youtube subscribers in 24hours. Since December 1, 2015 he has been on a war path that has caused a lot of drama but ultimately racked him up 23.6 million subscribers. In 2020, he still holds the titles of the #1 most subscribed male beauty guru and #2 most subscribed beauty guru.

James Charles has a handsome network thought to be $12 million, and earns nearly $80k per video he posts. Talk about squashing the “beauty school dropout” reputation.


Toys and Little Gaby — $89,319 per Video

Gaby’s mom has got it going on ….with this Youtube channel. She started by filming and uploading videos of her young daughter Gabriella in 2012. Gaby would simply review toys and be a giggly giddy normal kid. Now she is joined by her sibling Alex and boasts 16.3million subscribers.

Now when the popular UK based channel posts a video, Gaby is laughing all the way to the bank with nearly $90 thousand a pop!


Collins Key — $120,937 per Video

Collins Keys is a magician, an actor and all-round entertainer. But he didn’t make it onto this list for his repertoire of tricks, but more for making somewhere in the range of $3 million appear from thin air every year for his YouTube work.

He started getting recognition and gaining followers when he appeared in the finals of America’s Got Talent.

He does partner with sponsor brands too like Disney, General Mills, Unilever and Johnson and Johnson. Every time he posts he isn’t pulling rabbits from a hat, its more in the region of $120 thousand. Now that’s a big finish!


Kids Diana Show — $126,938 per Video

Imagine being 6 years old and having 68 million doting subscribers. Well that’s the daily life of Ukrainian child star Diana. Since her mom first started posting videos featuring her and her brother Roma, she has had 44 billion views of her channel.

Her videos are mainly funny skits that appeal to children and young adults.

All this attention translates to mega millions for Diana. Business Insider reports that she’s earned around $2.8million. But other sources have listed her earnings as closer to $40 million.

In 2020 she was averaging $126 thousand a video, and that doesn’t include endorsements, product placement or appearance fees. Whatever she is earning, it’s more than your average kid’s pocket money!


Liza Koshy — $133,035 per Video

Liza Koshy is one of the most successful YouTubers on the platform. She doesn’t only crush life goals, she has also taken home silverware from every award show including the Kid and Teen choice Awards, the Streamy Awards, was named a Time’s 25 Most Influential People and made the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Her social career started on Vine with comedy videos, and then moved over to YouTube and is popular on all other social channels like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Apart from her channel of 8 million subscribers that earns her $133 thousand a video, she is also the lead in her own YouTube Original Show called Liza on Demand. It’s a longer form episodic comedy that shows off her unique comedy style that brings in the big bucks and earns her 6th place on this list.


Lele Pons — $157,746 per Video

Lele Pons is another Vine hit that migrated to YouTube before Vine closed. She hit the big time when she hosted a singing competition called La Voz… México. She also creates funny skits and videos that are popular across her Instagram and YouTube Accounts. She has starred in several movies as herself, and written a novel.

But she isn’t all jokes; she has also connected with her audience by being open and honest about her struggles with mental health issues and Tourette’s Syndrome.

She has collaborated with brands like Google and Tinder and clears a cool $5 million annually. When she posts a video she rakes in a lot of laughs and even more dollars, $157 thousand to be exact.


Theodd1sout — $168,022 per Video

Since his first post in 2014 on TheOdd1sOut channel, James Rallison has racked up 16 million subscribers and with only 111 videos has had over 3 billion views. The premise of his work is great animations that are quirky, funny and voiced and created by Cartoonist and voice actor James himself.

Each time he posts a video he can expect a minimum of 10 million views, and his videos trend all over YouTube. Impressively 90 of his videos have exceeded 50million views. Pretty amazing stats for something that’s not an unboxing channel!

He connects with the elite YouTubers in collaborations like a Battle Royale video with Mr Beast and used the funds he raised from it towards charity work.


Like Nastya Vlog — $258,493 per Video

Number 3 on the list goes to another kindergartener. Nastya is a Russian child YouTuber that has captured the imaginations of her 64 million subscribers with her 5 minute motivational and entertaining videos.

You won’t find toy reviews or unboxing videos, her videos cover topics like dressing up for Halloween, birthday parties, beach trips all including her partner in crime, her funny Russian American dad who most believe actually gets the popular vote.

She is most well known for her video featuring her dad and a “fun negotiation session.”

One of her 2020 highlights must have been bumping “Dude Perfect” out of the top 10 most subscribed YouTubers in March. And she takes home a hefty $18 million, a far cry from the dollars most 6 year olds are earning selling lemonade.


Dude Perfect — $301,262 per Video

Dude perfect is a group of 5 guys with impeccable aim and a college roommate vibe even though they are solidly into their 30s. But we guess no one’s complaining about their frat boy antics when they bring home more than $20 million annually.  Since 2009 they have amassed a solid following of 53 million subscribers.

Each time they post their bulls-eye content they score a further $3000 thousand for the joint pot. But that’s not where the earning ends, because most of their videos are sponsored too.

Curious about this dude’s earnings? We got you covered, have a look at Dude Perfect Net Worth in 2020.


Vlad and Niki — $312,312 per Video

It seems that the Russians kids have a Midas touch when it comes to cashing in on YouTube. This Dubai based brother duo and their parents use their videos for pretend play, toy reviews, and sometimes earworm style nursery rhymes.

The most famous nursery rhyme these YouTubers have posted is “Vlad and Nikita Ride On The Bus” which is a “Wheels on the Bus” scenario in a mall with a Russian accent. 527 million views probably bought them a lot of bus tickets for future rides though.

Whatever your views are, these pre-schoolers are YouTube gold. Just their English channel has 58 million subscribers and 37.5billion views and they translate their videos into 13 languages over 15 other channels. So clearly there are parents out there that are using their video antics to calm tantrums, sooth toothing infants and pacify pre-schoolers to rack up those kinds of numbers.


What YouTuber do you think is worth their subscriber weight in gold?