Emirates – Luxurious Private Jet

18 November 2013

Emirates-Luxurious Private Jet

Let’s take a look at one of the must-haves when it comes to comfort in the sky: Emirates-Luxurious Private Jet

Airlines always make changes to their jets to fit their specific need, but nowadays Emirates has passed to another level.

It has launched a private jet service which reveals the unsurpassed luxury for travelers.

Those 124 seats for passengers was replaced to fit only 19. The aircraft can be reserved at short notice, and it also comes with a chauffeur-driven car service, along with ground staff and flight crew. The plane has been outfitted with 10 private suites, dining area and a lounge, also a shower spa for everyone who is on board.

Airbus-A319-aircraft-Emirates - Luxurious Private Jet

Emirates-Executive-Private-Suites-Emirates - Luxurious Private Jet
The specs are impressive and nothing less than what would be expected of a service created to cater to the world’s obscenely wealthy.

Emirates-luxury-private-jet-service-Emirates - Luxurious Private Jet

A large shower and spa features heated floors,Spa, large shower, marble accents, luxury toiletries and skincare products from Bulgari. What else can you ask for ?

Emirates-Executive-shower-spa-Emirates - Luxurious Private Jet

The principal salon can be configured to guests’ needs, and the staff will transform it into a business center for videoconferencing and high-powered meetings, or  a comfortable living space with two 42-inch LCD , and two sofas.

Emirates-Executive-lounge-area-Emirates - Luxurious Private Jet

Emirates-Executive-lounge-Luxurious Private Jet

Other attractions include 1,500 channels of on-demand entertainment, mobile phone connectivity and high-speed internet,  an in-flight menu that offers guests a fine dining experience at up to 35,000 feet in the air.

Emirates-Executive-dining-area-Emirates - Luxurious Private Jet

It’s safe to say that for this level of service, “competitive” can be interpreted as “very expensive.”

We hope you liked our article about one if the most Luxurious Private Jet Would you like to travel with Emirates ? Let us your opinion in the comments below.

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