So You Think You Know Emma Watson?

13 February 2017

Most of us know her as Hermione Granger. But do we know who Emma Watson really is?

Some of us grew up watching Harry Potter movies, from the first one Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone to the latest, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. But we are not the only one who did. Even the cast, like Emma Watson, grew up along with the film series.

Born on April 15th, 1990, Emma Watson is not just Hermione Granger. Her passion for fashion has brought up her modeling career. And her awareness of feminism has done a fair share of justice to her role as activist.

Whether it is because of the fact she grew up acting through Hermione’s character, or it is just the way she is, apparently she turned out to be similar to that character. You can tell from the way she carries out herself or things she values in her life.

So, what have years of playing in blockbuster series brought her? How rich is Emma Watson? How the spotlight of fame has been treating her? We answer all of those in this exclusive list of fifteen things you didn’t know about Emma Watson.

15. How did she start it all?

15 Things You Didn't Know About Emma Watson | #15. How did she start it all?
15 Things You Didn’t Know About Emma Watson | #15. How did she start it all? | source: slashfilm.com

Some stars had to dig deep and climb hard to even get the chance to become what they are today. But some others are lucky enough to get the breakthrough they need right away. However, most of those people lost it just as fast as they got it.

Emma Watson is one of the lucky few to get the breakthrough in reaching the top and able to stay there for long.

She is popularly known from Harry Potter movie series, and that is how she started it all. J. K. Rowling and the rest of producers intended to cast new talents for the series. Then, series of auditions were held. When Rowling first talked to Emma on the phone, she fell in love with the little girl. So, even though Hermione was supposed to be gawky and ugly, Rowling still cast the beautiful Emma anyway.

Since the age of six, Emma knew she wanted to be an actress. So, she went to Oxford’s Stagecoach Theater Arts to study acting. That is where she got most of her school plays and production gigs until she got the Harry Potter break by the age of nine.

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