15 Thoughts That Are the Enemy of Success

2 September 2021

It’s Important to Keep a Check on Your Thoughts on the Road to Success. Here Are 15 Thoughts to Get Rid Of.

Hey there, Aluxers – We’re all about bringing you motivational content that helps to create the kind of mindset future billionaires need to achieve success in life –  but how much thought have you put into what mindsets might be holding you back?

The truth is they are subtle and you might even think they’re just part of being realistic or cautious – but if you let them rule the roost they could be the biggest enemy of your success. 

Instead of diving deep into the things you should embody, today we’re looking at 15 Thoughts That Are the Enemy of Success.

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With that done, let’s start by getting the “victim mindset” stuff out of the way – the first four are the ones that often hide in plain sight – alright here we go.


Nothing Ever Goes My Way

If you’ve bought into that mindset that the universe is conspiring against you, then you’re wrong pal.

Firstly, get over yourself. In your current state, your energy isn’t much threat to the universe that it would even bother messing with you.

The truth is that by virtue of the impossibility of being born and surviving as long as you did, shows that the universe is on your side. So start moving, cos so far, most things are going your way.


I Am Just Unlucky

Ah luck, another myth that is an enemy to your success. If luck was all it was about then Jeff Bezos would have just sat home and bought lottery tickets instead of working his backside off like he did.

Think about it, if you do possess some rare unlucky curse, then doesn’t that by nature make you extremely lucky. You basically know the outcome already, so just bet against yourself, or do the opposite of what your unlucky self would have done.

Just kidding. That’s a ridiculous excuse, get off your butt and get to work. You wont get lucky if you do nothing – on the contrary, the more action you take, the more opportunities you have to get lucky.

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I’m Not “Smart/Experienced/Charismatic” Enough

Enough for…. what?

Who are you comparing yourself to?…. And better yet, why?

Are you wanting to be listed with the highest IQ or start a new business venture? Experienced how? You can’t possibly try something new and be experienced in it at the same time – so give yourself a little grace here, okay?

You’ll never be more of any of these – without taking more action – so shake off the self-doubt and just go for it already.


No One Likes Me

Okay so if you thought what I was going to say was, “Oh, no don’t worry – they love you it’s definitely all in your head” Well… I hate to break it to ya, but not everyone is going to like you in life – and that’s okay!

Running into the occasional hater, I mean that’s basically to be expected in life – HOWEVER – if you find yourself always encountering the same problem of people “not liking you” it’s time to take stock and ask yourself why that might be. 

What is it about your personality that makes it hard for people to connect with you? Everyone has undesirable traits – but the wise ones are trying to fix them; try being more mindful, my friend, it goes a long way.

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Success Shouldn’t Be This Hard

I’m sorry… What part of success made you think it would be easy to create?

If you’re having trouble achieving your goals, perhaps it’s time you assess your strategy and the actions you’re taking – and start coming up with ideas on how to approach things differently to get there.

The road to success is tough, tricky, and downright devastating at times, don’t waste precious energy thinking about how hard it shouldn’t be and start putting that effort into working toward your goals.


Rather the Devil You Know Than the Devil You Don’t  

This one just cracks me up. It’s often used when someone doesn’t want to take themselves from where they’re unhappy right now, just in case they happen to be unhappy someplace new.

That makes…. No sense.

Why would you stay in a place of known unhappiness? When the unknown at least offers you the option to have something different.

Change isn’t good or bad, change is change – we get to decide what that change looks like for us.


I Knew That It Wouldn’t Work

Bravo… But, there are no bonus points for predicting a failure.

Things do fail, but generally speaking no one is thrilled about that. There is no pay out for guessing the LOSING horse.

Also – if you truly knew something wouldn’t work, then why the hell did you do it? If success is what you’re looking to create, you would have used that foresight to come up with a better plan.


Competition Means Game Over

If a little competition scares you, you’ve definitely gotta fight hard to overcome that one.

If competition wasn’t a part of success, then there wouldn’t be several multi-national companies all making and selling the same products. We don’t live in a world of only Coke or Pepsi… we have both, and they’re both massively successful.

Competition just reinforces the consumer need for your business, so go out there and set the bar high.


Preparing to Fail

If you’re calling fire in the hull before you have even set sail, then you’re too fixated on what COULD go wrong to plan for what COULD go right.

Just like you can’t win a chess match by purely playing defensively, you can’t win in life by always preparing to fail. At some stage you need to proactively take steps toward being successful.

Instead of constantly running through all of the possible ways you could fail – pause – take a breath,  and visualise what winning looks like to you. Let yourself embody that.

Now that’s a success mindset.


It’s Not My Fault if This Doesn’t Work Out

Sure, sometimes it won’t all work out – but that’s only a failure if you don’t learn from it.

The first step to learning is taking responsibility; if you’re always telling yourself it’s not your fault, you’re not taking responsibility, and if you never take responsibility you will never learn

Dropping the ego and taking responsibility allows you to take stock and make plans to never repeat the same mistake twice.


Your Success Is Based on Others Failing

I think this one goes all the way back to school where you’re ranked in class by how well everyone does on their exams – cringe.

In real life, no one is comparing us based on the same specific set of questions or criteria.

We don’t necessarily win because our competition failed; it might just be the universe giving you a warning to up your game or else meet the same downfall… or maybe half of the competing staff got covid and the whole company took a hit as a result.

No matter the circumstances, don’t expect success to pour in just because someone else failed.


I Can’t Succeed Because I Failed in the Past

Failure is universal, but then again so is success.

Just because you hit every red light in traffic yesterday, doesn’t mean you won’t be able to sail through green lights today.

Putting together a winning product, a successful company or getting a kickass new job, is not exclusive to those who have a straight record of success.

In fact, stories like Colonel Sanders’ many failed KFC pitches before his success, should prove that failure comes before success in many cases.

Reframe those failures to all kinds of lessons learned, and you’re on the way to a success mindset.  


I Don’t Need Anyone’s Help

Ah yes, the lone wolf mentalist. What an enemy of success.

There is one thing all the most successful brands have in common: a huge team.

Sure you might start small, but before you know it they all hire the best of the best to help them scale for global success.

If you’re like most Aluxers you have your eye on the big time. Learning to “play well with others” is a necessity not just nice to have.


It’s Comfortable in My Comfort Zone

Look, success is about growth – and growth doesn’t happen inside of our comfort zones.

You can be comfortable all you like, but don’t expect to cultivate any greatness there.

The successful understand that there will be times of uncertainty – and even the chance of failure – but staying in a comfort zone is something they will never understand.


Mistakes Are a Catastrophe and the End of the Road

That’s right, we’re ending with your worst fear, making a mistake!

The truth is that mistakes happen – but contrary to what your anxiety might be telling you, it doesn’t mean imminent death.

Things go wrong all the time in successful businesses and it’s not the end of the road, nor does it always spell catastrophe. Expecting things to go by without a hitch is unrealistic, but anticipating any issues ahead of time can at least help hush that anxious shadow of yours.

Successful people have a mindset that allows for mistakes and failure along the way, because that is part of the process, it’s how they learn and grow.

Everyone makes mistakes before getting successful, check out 10 Mistakes Most People Make on Their Path to Success.

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